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Posted:ok. i took a few pictures of controlled burn tuesday night and just had em developed. i was showing them to someone when an administrator at the local community college walked by (it helps that i know her on a first name basis) so i was like `hey linda! check these out =]` and she was like `neeeeeeeeet. why don't you do that at the college?` and i was like `havn't asked permission` and she was like `it's always better to beg forgiveness than ask permission`

so this tuesday night (she knows about it, so it shouldn't be a problem) after their board meeting, the administration at Lassen Community College are going to be treated to my poi, robert hoffman's staff and lisa jacob's, err, whatever lisa does...

it's gonna be so much fun to be able to spin in a space larger than my driveway ;]

*psst* don't tell anybody! (unless they intend to show up and spin fire too)

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Posted:hehe, that's good stuff!! Didn't know there were admins like that around ubbangel Well, no, my school's principal sad we could do fireoutsied for a talent show/open mic type thing, but the teacher running it said it was too much liks busking, and didn't ant it in his show. redface His loss.

Anywho, tell us how it goes!

~ Bobo

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Posted:Hey, that's super fun! I got to spin for a school activity once and it's a blast. Good luck with your performance and have a great time! weavesmiley


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Posted:My schools afraid my poi are gonna come flying and hit someone in the audiance and they would sue n [censored]. ubbcrying ur luky

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Posted:I spun at UCSB last night, so much fun smile Most colleges are pretty cool with it, as long as it's in safe location with a safety.


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Posted:I remember I lit up once in the middle of the Quad at Stanford.

Just as an entire high school bacculaureate(sp?) ceremony finished and everyone (about 200 of them) came out of Memorial Church, which is in the Quad. I wasn't expecting them...and they weren't expecting me! ubbrollsmile

-Mike )'(
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