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Posted:Right - now this isn't a "How do I get different coloured flames" post, it's a "this works, but is it good?" post

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Saw THIS and they look quite cool.

Seems to be a lot easier than mixing all the chemicals yourself (me?! Lazy?!) and also looks reasonably cheap depending on how much of the fuel you'd actually need.

What is candle oil? Paraffin or more along the Meths line of things?

I was mainly thinking for my fire CJ ball as opposed to poi...

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Posted:hmmm....candle oil is usually the same thing as lamp oil which we have used to burn with on occassion. I've never seen it change the color of the flame though so I think something must have been added to it. You can normally get it in clear or various colors, but the colors just make the lamps look pretty, the flame still looks like a normal flame. The normal stuff usually isn't as expensive as the stuff on that site either, so they have definitely altered it. Maybe contact them and ask specifically what they have done to it to get those colored flames?



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Posted:Google says:
Company's Homepage

Magic Corona's red, blue, yellow, and green color flames have been created from carefully selected chemical compounds, whose natural yellow-orange color was eliminated first, and onto which the methodologies of generating each flame color were applied later. Many organic, inorganic, and polymer materials which satisfy this fundamental criteria have been tested and selected, and the optimum composition of these materials has been determined.

Magic Corona has been developed in forms of solid, liquid, and gas, to make it possible to apply to many flame related products like candles, oil lamps, and various equipments for the pyrotechnic special effects.

Magic Corona does not generate the materials that are harmful to human bodies or make pollutions like soot or carbon monoxide, which are normally produced from incomplete oxidation of the conventional paraffin.

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Posted:That stuff looks sooo cool. I don't reckon that it would work that well with poi or staff but definately your cj ball. Get it!!!! biggrin

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Magic Corona does not generate the materials that are harmful to human bodies or make pollutions like soot or carbon monoxide, which are normally produced from incomplete oxidation of the conventional paraffin.

why does this seem to be bogus to me?

oh and how can it be that all of a sudden this is supposedly not harmful to the body???

its a parrafin based chemical right..thats a carcinogen

......just the action of burning something is an oxidation

you will always have carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide from BURNING something...as well as soot, but thats only if theres carbon chains in what is burning...so if your burning an organic chemical it leaves soot in some size

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Posted:Very cool, an american friend was telling me about these before, but couldn't quite explain it.... I was concerned that they may not ship flammable products?

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Posted:This stuff is no good for poi.

If you dig enough into the fine print, you will find that you have to leave the lamp/candle burning for around 10 to 15 minutes before the colored flame begins. It's just a normal flame for the first 10 to 15 mins.

It looks like it would be awesome, but alas, too good to be true ubbcrying

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here is a bit more info on this stuff... including a link to the patent for it i dug up.....




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Posted:I got some of this - I wouldn't bother with poi, but it's fun with fingers.
The green is nice - the yellow and red are dissapointing.

Also, if you soak in the green, let it dry a bit (as in, lit them, blew them out before the fuel was done, and came back to them a while later), and then dip in plain lamp oil or whitegas, when you do a quick move, the flames go green for a moment.

The flames are small compared to normal fuel.


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