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Posted:Daxx again. in my continued efforts to suckle info out of y'all, I want to know how to make GREEN FIRE!!!
honestly, it seems cool. i hav seen a few websites that discussed what chemicals to use, but not at any length, and it never broached the matter of toxicity. so, if it is not to expensive, I want to know how to make green fire in particular, and purple fire. unless i got to use lithium. cos that would suck
thank you in advance for any assstance teh monkeez of the world can give.

good. now do a butterfly under your ass.

dude, i was joking.

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Posted:Daxxiferal, at the top of the page, click "Search" and try seaching for "coloured flames" (Make sure you change it from "within the last week" to "all posts" - This has come up loads of times and all the info is on the board already.

(This applies to any questions you may have - The boards been here YEARS and so you can pretty much gaurantee that it's been covered smile The coloured flame question comes up every month)

You should get these results:
Beep 1
Beep 2
Beep 3

Burner of Toast
Spinner of poi
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