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MillenniuMPLATINUM Member
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I've started to incorperate numerous and frequent throws in my fire spinning routine, and finger loops are becoming obsolete. I have my fingers in them at the start of my spin, and slip them out just before a throw. I find it impossible to get my fingers back in without doing a complete stall of the poi, and take a good 3 seconds to put them back in... I usually just hold on to the outside of the loops/triangular metal quick link until the end of my spin.

i'm trying to think of a good alternative, but I'm failing miserably. I need something that I can easily slip on and off, as well as get back on after a throw. Alternatively, I need to find something I feel a bit more comfortable doing wraps and hyperloops with, without slipping my finger in and out of it. I was thinking about some sort of metal or plastic handle instead of a loop, but I can't exactly think of what.

If anyone has suggestions, also note that it must have a bit of weight to it. In order for throws to function properly, there needs to be a counterweight to the head in order for the chains to do at least one full rotation around it.

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What about a single key ring at the end..? Should be fairly easy to slip into and out of...

Smile.. It confuses people..:)

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*sigh* Search, search and search again smile

[Old link]
[Old link] (Probably the best one)
[Old link]

The info's all there if you look for it smile

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Thanks Durbs smile

CodySILVER Member
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For the props I toss and catch I use a 3" metal ring bought at a hardware store. Look in my gallery for a pic. It's on what I call my Fire Fan. smile

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been meaning to make thease puppies for ages.... Knot Handles!!!!!

get a nice bit of rope, loop it and tie a good fat knot in the top.

quicklink goes through the loop, hands hang onto the knot or slip through the loop.

its a bit like the t-bar idea in option2 but better cos teh t-bar coul go sideways, and besides i wouldent want to get whacked with one.

thats what i want. oh and some hand harnesses when i know im not going to throw.

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