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AmanitaSILVER Member
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Location: Halifax, NS, Canada

Has anybody here played with the glowstick poi available in the HoP online shop?
I'm considering getting some, both of the single colour and two tone varieties. But I've got some questions:

Can you change the batteries in them, or are they like disposable flashlights?
How do you like the look and feel of them?
Would they be good for a beginner to use?

I really like the "razzle dazzle" effect of them, and if they've got replacable batteries, I may never buy another glowstick again biggrin
Please, tell me what you think..

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MillenniuMPLATINUM Member
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They're too fragile, in my opinion. I've bought about 6 of them and they're all broken or semi-broken at this point, and I very rarely hit my poi together unless learning a new move (which I don't do with these poi).

I recommend them highly anyway. They're cheap enough so that if they break you won't be heartbroken, last longer than you might think (None of mine have run out, just make sure you turn them off between spinning sessions and don't leave them on more than you have to), and are a breeze to spin. They're too light for my taste, but it allows you to spin them AMAZINGLY quickly. I actually spin them holding on to the string they are attached to (17 inches long I'd guess) and if I spin a fountain as quickly as I can, it looks like a solid circle of light.

Buy them under the assumption that they will break. They are a great glowstick replacement for night time spins with friends, parties, performances, etc. If I could give the manufacturers one suggestion on their design, it'd be to make the switches more durable... a few of mine would work perfectly if the switch didn't die out. I'll put them in the 'On' position, and they won't turn on, but if I smack them a few times the light will either flicker on as I hit, or stay on until I smack it again. It's a sign of low quality connections and bad wiring. I wish they were a bit more durable, but at only 3 times the cost of a glowstick (they are longer, brighter, and have more colors that glowsticks too), they're quite nice.

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i agree with everything millenium says,and just add that they are worth getting because you CAN switch them off and save them for another day.They look great and sometimes i add them to my mouse poi for weight.

_Aime_SILVER Member
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They are quite fragile as said, and only 2 of mine work now out of the 10 i bought. 2 were switched on in the jiffy bag when they arrived so are fit for nothing, 1 has been smashed beyond regocnition, 5 will switch on, but wont stay on unless you hold the switch up. To avoid them smashing I think it helped to wrap them upwith sellotape BEFORE you use them. I think thats whats saving my last 2 from breaking smile
But overall they are cheap and are sooo purdy. Give them a go biggrin

DurbsBRONZE Member
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I've just ordered myself some too - Think I'm going to make some nice Bubblewrap sleeves for them to protect them and also should slow them down a bit...

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I agree with millennium, they are too fragile! I brought 2 pair about a month ago, I was playing around with them one night, practising for an event I was going to the following night (as you do) I hit myself on the leg and bits went flying everywhere! So then I was left with one

The following night, that LED also went flying eveywhere when I managed to clock a person staggering past me and not watching where he was going. frown

I wouldn't even know where to get others from, But I was bitterly dissapointed with mine frown
Though they would of been great just to dance with alone!!!

Im so lonley spinning by myself frown

peaches**86943thats sooooo not where i parked my car...................
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i havent actually bought my glow pois from HOP i bought mine from a shop called fun to bead they cost me $120 and replaceable LED lights are $25 each but ive had mine for nearly 6 months and they are still going strong they look absolutely amazing they have to seperate compartments for two different colours of LED lights and they are quite sturdy so check around for your nearest fun to bead shop and order a pair if you want some really excellent quality glow pois

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funkenSILVER Member
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do you have an url adress from this shop

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I have found so many ways to combine glowy thingsinto poi.... there are plastic, rubbery balls that you can get for cats with a bell inside of them, they are hard rubber, and weigh a little more thana tennis ball, and are usually gaily coloured.

cost you 2-3 buxx. then go to teh dollar store, and get some glow lights, usually you can get a little plasma light or a blining led that runs on watch batteries.
thsese guys are usually fairly bright, and anything you play withm it's always fun to say you made it.

good. now do a butterfly under your ass.

dude, i was joking.

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