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Posted:I have just sung in a memorial service at school for one of the teachers. I had and still am having the strangest feelings, however, i dont know why. I did not know her at all and barely ever saw her as i do not do the subject she teaches. However, in the service i began to feel increasingly saddened as though it was some sort of loss of my own. All of the speeches were saying how much of an influence she was to everyone and speaking of her purely kind, altruistic nature as a person. I felt like i could have had some kind of attachment and started to wish that i had known her. Noone else (bar those that knew her) seemed at all saddened by any of this and I dont really understand why. Is it just me being an emotional wimp?
Also, some of the readers spoke of her always leaving happiness wherever she went and making it one of her goals in life to make people happy. This seems to be an exceptionally beautiful way to live and i have, and will try to always, use this for a guideline in my life.
I would not be surprised if i did not get any replies to this as it is not asking anything of you. The only reason i posted this is so as to tell someone who will not treat me like some kind of 'wimp' like some of the people here at my school.

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Posted:About a year ago a girl died at my school from meningitas. I didn't know her and could barley picture her face in my mind, yet when the teachers announced that she was dead (she'd been on a life support machien for a week before she died) i burst out crying. I felt really strange, because i knew that she would just wake up again and get all better, but she didn't. I was crying because I felt so much sadness for a her friends. Her best friend was in my form, and she died the day before her frinds 16th birthday. I felt so much sadness for her parents because they had lost their daughter. It had all come on very sudden. And i think it made it worse for them that all the surrounding schools and evrybody who came into contact with her had to have either shots or a course of tablets to take to prevent us from catching it, like she was some sort of desies...

But you arnt a wimp, evrybody deals with death in a different way, and no-one should be calling you that

hug hug hug

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Posted:It is perfectly natural for you to be sad. We should always feel loss whan a fellow person dies that has somehow touched the people around us, even if not you. She sounds like a really good person. hug

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