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Posted:Well i'm just absolutely bored out of my mind right now. So let's all play a game. It was kinda amusing on another bored i go to so i'm going to try it here. Were going to make up a story. Here are the rules, everyone gets to add 1 sentence at a time. You can do as many as you want but no consecutively. And lets try to keep this pg 13 at least. On the other bored it got kinda graphic lol.

Ok, i'll start off

Once upon a time, there was a boy...

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Posted:....the mutant homo-sapiens could help?...
their extra senses (developed mainly for sensing an opening at the bar) locked into the lamaa brain, and they realised the ginger bush on the poor laama's (how many spellings of laamaaaa can I come up with?) back was making it go chicken oriental...
...the only thing to do was remove the gingerness before the lamaa joined forces with the blazing camel and destroyed them all...

you can take the cat out of the jungle, but you cant take the jungle out of the cat


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