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old hand
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Posted:As i am a member of the growing thousands of "Cuddley, Podgy huggable men on this earth.. i was just wondering what u "ladies" (No mech u cant reply, lol!!) thought of us...

i mean im not obese but then again im not Mr Muscle, and im certainly not "Thin as a Rake" so im in the middle, but have a bit of a gut!!! so please ladies, tell us what we want to hear, or even the truth...

What do u think of us, and how do we rate?

thread open to all, please imagine and post otherwise i will be forced to post a picture of me!! and thats not a pretty sight!! - plus id be ripped to threads, lol....

so.... do tell.....

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Posted:There are always the not so great looking (but fine through my eyes) slim (more skinny I'd say) guys who are at the other end of the scale that are lovely and sensitive and cuddly in an 'I can fit in these arms just right' kind of way biggrin biggrin

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Big Andy
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Originally posted by Custom Bug
I lurve guys and gals that have shape to them. I don't mean obese but you know...podgy like I'm getting! My girlf recently put on some weight and looked a million miles hotter. She was quite slim but suddenly gained these fantastic hips and boobies *snicker* and everyone else thought she looked a lot healthier and sexier too. But like me she didn't enjoy the feeling of it and has now become almost as skinny again. I love her more each day regardless of shape but a little soft cusiony stuff is nice to hold onto and caress. ubblove
Guys with meat *second snicker* on them are nice too, a flat belly is a turn off compared to a bit of round squishy belly.

wink I know EXACTLY what you mean! And I'm right there with ya. wave cool

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Posted:Its more of a case of liking MY cuddly podgy boy. I've liked tall, short, muscular, podgy, hairy, hairless, blond, dark.
I tease Kota that he has a Buddha Belly like this
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Its great for rubbing and making wishes.

Usually for chocolate!

So how do guys feel about girls who have a little belly role and love handles? Do you also feel that thats fine? Girls are so pressured to be uber stick thin these days, not just a healthy normal weight, makes me v. mad, apparenltly girls are fat these days if they are more than a size 8 - wtf! Now more and more guys are obsessed too! I'm perfectly happy with my weight, however I do feel ashamed at not excercizing more, I really need to tone my muscles and get fit.

If you are so worried about your weight and whether girls will like you for your body I suggest you first learn to love your own body, perhaps introduce a sensible diet and fitness regime. If you don't have a positive self-image that will be projected to others, first impressions do count but your body image may affect others first impression of you far more than your actual appearance.

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playing the days away
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So how do guys feel about girls who have a little belly role and love handles?

read my previous post girls (and boys) need curves to look good. A stick insect just isn't sexy IMO.
Most of the models on the catwalks look like pre-pubescent boys and that's not natural. I think there must a select few who think this is how it should be and push their views through the whole industry.
Sophi Dahl used to be an inspiration to see on the catwalk but now she's just turned into yet another stick insect whom I wish not to see in an advertisment. Although I must say naturally slim is fine, but self emposed stick-ness looks gross.


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I tease Kota that he has a Buddha Belly like this
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Its great for rubbing and making wishes.

Hahahaaaaa!!!! Mr 5 has a Buddha belly too - ain't they great? I usually wish for hugs and 'rugs (the bad girl that I am) and if you rub in jsut the right place, I usually get what I want.. wink

I honour you as an aspect of myself..

You are never to old to storm a bouncey castle..

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So how do guys feel about girls who have a little belly role and love handles?

as long as they're not bigger than mine then they are insignificant to me smile

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