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Posted:So I left the office and was exhausted yesterday evening. I got on my train and had my "working girl mask' on ... you know ? no smile, tired, grey ...

this guy comes into the train and walks around the whole train saying "hello" to people, shaking hands, asking them how they are doing and saying "I'm counting on you guys, you' gotta smile now" as he left the train at the next station ...

there was a man beside me and he shook his shoulders and said in a bitter semi-loud voice "crazy fuck" ....

I looked around and some of us had "woken up" and gotten rid of their sad faces , some even started chatting...

and I looked at the man and just told him "define crazy" ... and he remained speechless...

And yes, the first second the guy started speaking in a loud voice and interacting with everyone, i admit I had the same reaction :"what does he want" ...

Why do we forget that sometimes, people do things for free ... you know ?

just sharing that with you

shine on

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Posted:try buying an ice-cream cone and while driving down the road, stopped @ a stop street or traffic light, offering a lick to people in other cars!

Bun & i did it 2 weeks ago... brilliant! Got some really grumpy looking people laughing nicely!

Regards hug

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Posted:crazy is as a crazy does

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Posted:I love those people!

I knew a crazy man once. He did scare people because he'd go up to them and talk in riddles, complete nonsense sometimes, or try to get them to write things in his little notebook. Sometimes he was drunk, sometimes he was sad. He got beaten up a few times too.

I talked to him loads though and he's harmless. He lost his mind somewhere in India in the sixties (too much acid), believes he met the goddess Kali. He used to be a photographer. He's a walking piece of art though, he collects barbie dolls but he makes his own costumes for them, some of them end up looking really controversial and all their clothes and accessories are symbolic of different concepts.

I always thought he was a refreshing break from normality, but he really did scare almost everyone else because they couldn't understand what he was on about and didn't know how to react.

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Posted:biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin biggrin X 10

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Crazy is as crazy does, don't think anyone can call themselves crazy because it is the opinion of the observer that counts. Crazy in this context means a cynical veiw of someone else doing something you wouldn't. and everyone does it.
We're ALL crazy to someone else.
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Posted:Wouldn't hav it any other way... biggrin



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