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Posted:So, I got a problem with the monthly contest... I dont know if I entered this month or not. Seeing as how my entry is invalid if I enter multiple times, I dont want to chance entering again. Would it be possible to have the entry form send a verification email or something when people enter the contest so they can more easily keep track of when they entered?

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Posted:I would like to second the motion that is on the floor.

All in favor raise your hand.

hug hug wave wave

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Posted:How about a pm instead of an email, to encourage people to check their PM's...(and to join the site as a member)

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Posted:Good thinkin Charles.

I didn't even realise you had to enter every month, I thought you just had to put your name in once!!

Is there a list of who has been winning and what they've won etc?

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Posted:Thats a good idea.I would love a PM to let me know.. as of right now i have no idea if i entered or not. wave

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Posted:and so we cement our repuation as included....

Is it the Truth?
Is it Fair to all concerned?
Will it build Goodwill and Better Friendships?
Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?

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Posted:k i have noooo idea what you all talking about confused

monthly draw? of what? and how? umm

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Posted:I agree!
I always forget whether i've entered, and this month i have no idea at all... Damn my memory (what little there is of it) frown


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Posted:just enter again just in improves my chances biggrin er, i mean, just PM malcolm and ask if you've already entered. ubbangel ubblol i've done that. i asked if we could get confirmation or something, but he says there isn't a way to do it right now.

oh well.

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Posted:This problem has been fixed in the new HOP website.
I hope to have it finished in about another 8 weeks. So until then you will have to try and remember.

Kindest regards


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Originally posted by Malcolm
This problem has been fixed in the new HOP website

Does this mean we're moving again??? and in 8 weeks time, or are you rolling out a new part of this site??? tongue

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