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Posted:Hi Everyone,
I've made my own set of poi and though nice, and sorta ok for practice, they are not quite show quality nor that safe. I'm on the search for a really nice set of tailed poi and was curious to know what poi people feel is the best. I'm looking at the Performance poi, Kiwido, comets, zunis, cobras, sonic poi, and cobras. They all seem the same on the internet and without ever having seen a set, I don't know what's the best. ubbidea
I just would like to know what you've used and why you like that set (what makes it so good).
Thanks for your input. ubbrollsmile
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Posted:I had the opportunity to spin with comets and kiwido, and I kinda think the kiwidos are better... They are softer, lighter and flow a little nicer than the comets IMO... Only that they have longer tails and those that I spun with had easily removable tails so you had to be really careful where you step. But still nicer than the comets...

Comet photo

Kiwido photo

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Posted:arrrh! tails!

the best tails are in sonic the hedghog, but aside from that....

I like mouse poi.

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Posted:I've never been a fan of tailed poi. I had a pair of Zunis, and all they were really good for was impressing people that don't spin. They were terrible in outdoor situations if there was any wind, and since they're so forgiving they tend to make your non-tailed spinning more sloppy. I stick to spinning unlit fire poi in the daytime, or sock poi if I want to feel like a really good spinner.



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Posted:yeah, i got a pair of zunis to keep in practice till i got my own set of fires. Not too bad~~much more forgiving when you bean yourself with them beerchug

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Posted:Sonic Stars are very nice as are the HoP Performance tails.

I think tails are lovely for day-time spinning and also most (if not all) are UV active which look lovely (until they get dirty)

Also - as the old saying goes "If you can do it with tails, you can do it with anything"
(Which strangely is true for most things in life wink )

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Posted:to be quite honest ima staff person, but when it comes to daytime poiness, me wuvs the tailed poi, simply because it's a beautifuller performance. it's not the easiest practice poi, but then again, easy toys make for difficult conditioning. smile
ps i like yoo!

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