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Posted:I have a request for help here
Hi Malcolm,

I've just been looking at your website and thought maybe you could help me??

I need a group of 4-5 poi experts to put on a midsumers night poi display for us (fire juggling/fire breathing also welcome)!

It should be a really fantastic evening with people coming out of the theatre here to fireworks, magicians - and of course the piece de resistance - the fire acts!

Do you know anyone/a team who might be able to come down to Chichester on the 19th June 2004 to do this for us?

Also - in the day we are holding a family funday between 12-2 - it would be briliant to have a group of you there to do a bit of a display for us and run workshops for people who would like to give it a try? It's a free event - so if you wanted to make it a bit of a homeofpoi gathering that would be brilliant!

Any ideas?

Look forward to hearing from you!

Sian x.

Sian Griffiths
PA to the Artistic Directors

Chichester Festival Theatre
(01243) 784437

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Posted:malcom would i be able to post that on another site i know of for spinners in the southampton area ? ..bout 40 ish min drive from chichester smile

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Posted:sounds good, and i grew up/my parents live about 15 minutes from there, but its in the middle of my uni finals, so will hafta miss this one frown




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Posted:mememe! tongue

i'll give them a call. well be there or thereabouts cause its glasto just after.... smile

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Posted:I'll help smile

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Posted:i shall be willing to help with either.... so would strugs!!! pm me with further detailss dude....


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Posted:Damn, I live only 20 mins drive from Chi! I would happen to be on the other side of the world as this comes along! Burnt Toast would be an obvious choice, Guildford isn't too far away.


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Posted:I'm sure we could do it (Burnt Toast) but I think I'm seeing the Chili Peppers and Pixies in Hyde Park ( Woo hoo! biggrin )

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