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Posted:I'm hatin' my job. I have to pack my cube today because we are 'consolidating', aka waiting for my pink slip, and I have to be moved. I have to move from my nice safe place of three years, next to a psycho lady who will be watching my every move(psycho music). Not to mention the fact that she will be looking for every opportunity to thrown me under the bus, cause I do lots more work than her and she hates me(insert velociraptor hiss). I feel like a sequal to office space(Insert primal scream). I have decided the office gods hate me(cue thunder and lightning). I have two bosses, one is my real boss the other thinks she is(control freak) and now I have to deal with the control freak cause I'm in her unit. She was supose to switch places with my boss cause she was going away and now that's not happening for some reason that they won't tell us. I think it's cause she's really not going away now, which means now I go from working in pergatory to working in hell with satan and her minions. I just want to tell them all to F-off and leave me the hell alone. I know what my job is and how to do it. Why do I have to have 10 people come to me during the days to find out what the status is. mad I DON"T HAVE A STATUS! GET OUT OF MY CUBE! The only upside is they may be making a big empty space on one end of the floor. If that's the case I can go spin by myself on my breaks. I plead with the office gods for an empty space to spin in. Ok, I'm done with my rant now.

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Posted:aww. here have some hugs
hug hug hug hug hug hug hug
sorry to hear bout your troubles. but was laughing cos of all the 'inserted noises' reminded me off a pantomine smile
Anyways, tell them how you feel. not with all the effing and blimming in it, but if you have a problem tell them. i dont have much life experiance but hey, thats what i would do...xx


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Posted:But hey, you have a job and can afford food and shelter and that makes you 1 000 000 times better of than most people in the world.

And things change, if you let them...

But, hell, have a hug from me anyway hug

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Posted:heh heh "Cubes.....Status" hee hee

Americanee's are funnee

*Goes off to start international campaign to have spinny/juggly/unicycle space in all offices throughout the world*

Let's relight this forum ubblove


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