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Posted:I have an interview of sorts in a couple days time for a job spinning at a club and was told to come with a demo. I have no idea what to do!Reading through the past topics (and from personal experiance) I've come to the conclusion that if all I need to do is impress the audience then just do the weave realy, realy fast. But for a demo, I think I should probably throw in some more technical moves, even if they don't look as good. Dress is also a concern. I don't realy have time for a costume and don't know what to wear. Should I try to dress up and look profesional or should I wear what I normally do when I go out spinning? Something else?I realy don't know what to do and only have two days to figure it out so I hope to differ to the experiance and expertise found on this board for help. If anyone has any advice at all, I would be enourmously grateful.

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Posted:I have no experience in doing a demo, but IMHO if it's a quickie to impress just go with a smooth routine of moves that your comfortable with, throwing in weave and butterfly moves as they always impress. Good luck!FireMorphster:0)~




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Posted:Do the moves to impress...Laying on your back threading the needle? Butterfly?Numerous wraps...closer to the crouch the better neck wraps?Buzz Saw is a good one...and anything *really* fast seems to be a crowd pleaser too.But make sure you are smooth and confident about your moves. And don't be nervous, just spin like you normally do, and do the tricks that you think look good.Other ones that look good and I have found people like are:anything and the splits,anything with a really exaggerated back bendand ground work seems to be a crowd pleaser too...Hope that helped?But I am probably no the best person to ask, as I havent performed that much. But I this is what I have found to have gotten the most whistles and shouts and an excited crowd.As for something to wear, black pants and no top always works well for guys. And its simple as.------------------ ~*~ Katinca ~*~[This message has been edited by Katinca (edited 02 April 2002).]

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Its the summer I need to earn more money than im earninga t work, so decided to use some Poi and the likes at clubs so have decided to make a demo to hand out, does anyone else have any ideas?

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