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.:* Moon Pixie *:.

.:* Moon Pixie *:.

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Posted: Hi lovelies!!!*:. kiss

Appologies if this is the wrong section for this topic... did my best confused

The local paper (local being Sandgate in Brisbane Australia) has asked to do an article on moonfest. So I'm wondering if anyone wants to come down and help me create a minni moonfest for the photo... biggrin

If you live on the other side of the plannet, please disregard this post tongue

But if you're close by and can spare the afternoon for fun and play in the park and have your piccy in the paper... please bring all ya toys and a picnic...drummers, dancers, jugglers, twirlers...whateverers smile (day Poi or ribbon sticks would be great)

the photo shoot is at 4pm today (brizzy time)

late notice, I know... so it might end up being just little old moonpixie all by her lonesome ubbcrying wink .... But if you can make it I'd really love to hear from you!*:.

Love and pixie cuddles hug*:.
Elke (moonpixie)

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- cat -

- cat -

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Posted:*thanks* for the notice!!!! tongue

hmm... I don't think work will understand the situation all that well either... *sighs*

*sending positive energies so that many a hippy will surface for you though*


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Posted:Damn I knew I was on the wrong side of the world before I even opened this thread!!
*Shuts eyes tight and trys really really to mataphysically transport*

Nope its not working frown

Have fun tho! wave

Let's relight this forum ubblove


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Kyle McLean

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Posted:ubblovehehe sending my spirit over via satalite now Elkster...
Can you hide it for the photo so it doesn't get stuck over there?

Have lots of fun, wish the rest of me was there too.

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