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Posted:So I've been doing some thinking and I've realized that we haven't had this talk in a while. And I'm not a mod, so this is horribly inappropriate of me, yes, I know. But I'm also a horrible person. biggrin

Anyways, about a year ago, I seem to remember that we all had a big discussion about some do's and don't's of HOP. And I think that there have been a lot of flagrant violations lately, not because people are being malicious, but because anyone who has joined in the last year just doesn't know.

Here are some rules that I remember. I'm going to add that I've flagrantly violated a few of these recently because, as I said, I'm a horrible person. wink

1) No labeling of threads as "official," (i.e. "The Official 'I need to go to the bathroom' thread") unless you are a mod or otherwise have authority to be speaking officially for HOP.

2) No discussion of any activity that is illegal in New Zealand (this is especially aimed at talking about drug use).

3) There is NOOO...rule number 3.

4) Keep it clean as this is a board that children read. If your thread is going to be anything over PG-rated, put a warning in the header.

5) PLUR. That's Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. The love part isn't mandatory, but the other three are mandatory at all times on the board. Especially the Respect part.

Does anyone remember any other rules we decided upon? I just think that if we bring this up on some regular basis (every few months), things might move more smoothly.

Right, I'm just going to go back to being a horrible person now. ubblol

-Mike )'(
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Posted:i feel the same way simian smile thanks for saving me the effort of saying that myself.


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Posted:----<Keeps watching from a distance>---

HoP Posting Guidelines
* Is it the Truth?
* Is it Fair to all concerned?
* Will it build Goodwill and Better Friendships?
* Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?




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Posted:i'm a little worried that Charles is keeping his distance from me.

Pele's not gonna drop a piano on me, is she? i've heard that really hurts...

anyway, just wanted to clear this up:

Pele says to me:Quote:
A post you knew was not supposed to be put up because in your initial post you referred to this thread.

Er, pardon?

You seem to be under the impression i started that thread, which i didn't. i replied to it.

in fact i think i've probably started less than 10 threads in my whole time on HoP. I'm more of a replier in general.

So if you have to publicly tell someone off, then i'd appreciate it if you did it to the right person.

"Switching between different kinds of chuu chuu sometimes gives this "urgh wtf?" effect because it's giving people the phi phenomenon."


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....while there was a strong discussion about it, there were also the replies of "I do" "I don't"....

threads about it will be deleted because it is one of those subjects that is easily hijacked,

Well I thought it was a fine, well written, mature and neutral thread on the whole. How often do you get to read the unbiased medical FACTS that Lightning so gratefully and eloquently gave to us, no matter what age we are.

You guys set the rules and I do my best to follow them so I appologise if the nature of the thread went against your terms adn conditions, but wouldn't it have been better to delete the minority of the posts that may be interpreted as promotional and may have potential to lead to legal matters for Malcolm and leave the perfectly legal, educational, neutral information, intact and readable in the thread?

The material there was ceratinly suitable for 13+ people and a lot of other adult HOPers seem to have thought the same.

Your choice in final, I accept that, but it diss-heartens me so, it's the first time this site has upset me. ubbcrying

Let's relight this forum ubblove


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