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Posted:We had this great party in a quarry just outseide of Perth and of course there were heaps of firies (seeing as the thing was organised by the fire community in Perth).

I took my equipment along and was more than happy for people to borrow it....

I went for a short walk during the course of the evening and when I came back some mongrel had taken my large staff (one with the larger wicks).

We got the DJ's to announce to everyone that it was missing and whoever had it to please bring it back but no one admitted to having it.

So now I am one staff short and very very pissed off.

I am generally a very trusting person and for someone to break my trust in human kind like that just annoys the crap out of me.

So to whoever stole it....what goes around comes around mate!


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Posted:ubbcryingI'm really sorry to hear that ubbcrying

As you said,what goes around,comes around wink

I hope that he/she gets spank really soon,or even better gets burnt by what he stole. . .

Remember, don't get mad, peace peace !!!

Metal Rulezzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!


A perth girl gone walkabout...
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Posted:Yeah , I was at the same party, And it was a nice staff and was quite distinctive (no way someone confused it) Apparently some people approached drunk people that someone had reported they'd seen wandering away with a staff, and when it was announced over the loud speakers that it had gone missing and to hand it back, those people we'd suspected and had been approached bailed asap. spank

Guess the moral of the story is that you can trust noone, shame tho that things like that happen and ruin peoples nights ubbcrying

Its always nice to be able to lend your gear to new people and introduce them to fire without having to stress that your gear is going to get nicked!

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I smile because i have no idea whats going on!! biggrin

Fire Bunny
Fire Bunny

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Posted:yeah that really sux frown im sorry. may be youll find it in the end tho. if its the sort of stick that stands out, and if you put it over the speackers then who ever it is wont be able to use it? even if they dumb it somewhere someone might find it. would it b worth puting something in the paper? or even over the radio or something? could be worth a shot! hope you find it keep smiling ubbrollsmile

What if we think the jokes on them,
But really - the jokes on us....

and also... i wuv Rougie *snuz*


Location: 8 days at Cloudbreak, 6 in Per...
Member Since: 25th Nov 2003
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Posted:I don't think I will ever see it again...my only hope is that because it was the staf with the biggest wicks the stupid idiot who stole it will scald themselves badly on it.

I doubt that the person/s who took it are actual fire twirlers anyway...I bet they were just random idiots....and in that case they wouldn't know what to do so have more chance of hurting themeslves...and I hope they suffer for it too!

I go to most of the fire things around Perth so if it does show up the person with it had better learn to run damn fast!

old hand
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There's been a few discussions about letting people borrow stuff here, and unfortunately you're not the first to have this happen to. It looks like it might get to the stage where we can't let our stuff out of sight, or it's made very clear to the last person who borrows it that they are then responsable for any loss or damage.

There is a slight possibility that I am not actually right all of the time.

- cat -
- cat -

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Posted:ohh mannn! mad I *hate* when ppl steal your stuff... but seriously bad karma on their part most definitely...

I'm not a real trusting type of person (particularly with just random strangers)... you must be a really lovely person to have done that!

Particularly when certain kinds of drunken ppl seem to take a liking and their morals can fly out the window with their brains..

I hope your staff is returned to you... but if it isn't I'm sure the next one you make/get will actually be so much better...I love swapping toys with ppl but I generally will hang out with that person/ppl while we have a play at eachothers toys.. that way you can swap tricks and stuff too I guess!

Hope you're feelin better soon...


Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:Thats the pits Fitria.....
..keep an eye out for it and just hope it turns up...

..it makes a great event suddenly all sour and spoils it for anyone later who wants to borrow your equipment. You are such a sharing person and do not deserve that sort of response...

hug hug hug hug

Is it the Truth?
Is it Fair to all concerned?
Will it build Goodwill and Better Friendships?
Will it be Beneficial to all concerned?

Im in a lonely battle with the world with a fish to match the chip on my shoulder. Gnu in Binnu in a cnu


Carpal \'Tunnel
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Posted:Yea, sadly I've learnt you have to keep a close eye on your gear.

I've nearly gotten in to a fight (no exaggeration I promise) 3 times (the same guy twice on different days with different toys) over people stealing my gear and me catching them and trying to get it back.

All these times it was the first time I'd seen them. All the times they were out of it and total scumbags.

I saw one guy put one of my poi down his pants thinking I wasn't watching. I went over and told him I wanted that back now. Him and his over eager mates then squared up to me calling me an [censored]....he was only joking, trying to hide it from me.

I'd never seen the guy in my life and I surely didn't know what he wanted to do with one practise poi confused ?

Another dude, robbed a staff and tried me make me prove it was mine before he'd give it back.....errr I made the thing and I've a matching one over there. mad

Ooo, I'm a bit wound up now thinking about that again.

Sorry to hear about your staff. I can only imagine where your coming from, it does soundlike a beauty. I guess we can't let it affect us badly cause then they win.


I live in a world of infinite possibilities.

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