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Posted:Yesterday there was a show of glowstringers on a club they had a pay job there like the best glowstringers of my country.

Now my question is

Would be look bad if i went there and dance and does it much better than them(like showing off)
I just want the job since i need money!

Now if i were at the show and someone else better than me isnt in the show i would try to invite him to work with me dunno
i think others would just get angry cause they will think im showing off(well iwas like that before when i was dancing and someone else better came i even asked him how he does those moves:D )

Other question if you were the guy at the show and someone else better than you spins there near ya what would you think!??

I think there is other show next week maybe sooooo i woud like to know what to do ?;O
me wants job and the money!

errri think i know one of the guys in the show he hates me i remenber that in a glowstringer tourny i did like much more stuff than him and he didnt like it... and then he didnt like me either... a friend of mine knows him and i was teaching my friend all those stuff and then the guy(the one of the show i think i know) were asking my friend how to do the shit i does lol
so if thats him i dont think asking hey how i can get that job to him wouldnt be an option...
i will ask around to see if its him
if its him i think i would have to show off hahaha dunno... what ya think? :/

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Posted:Ask this person if they mind if you join them... that got to be the first thing... if their not a stuck twirler ( yes there are some out here... their the people who don't know about and if you do know things that they don't... then they can learn, maybe you could even start a friendship with them???

Or you could just back stab them and take their job... but think before you do this... it may lower your rep... and you may just make this guys list of people to kill... boy am I on so many of them...

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Posted:"Or you could just back stab them and take their job... but think before you do this... it may lower your rep... and you may just make this guys list of people to kill... boy am I on so many of them"
im totally agree with you at this... the problem is that i guess i know a guy in it and he hates me... ;P

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Posted:Right, first off - stop being so competitive!

Spinning ability doesn't always matter. I know poi performers who technically know less than others but the style and effort put into their spinning gigs is what makes them stand out. Getting paid to spin should be more than just turning up and spinning. You need a look, a costume, preferably great toys, and most importantly - your spinning has to look good to everyone. Complex tricks don't always look the best. Simple moves done gracefully and in good sequence can be much more pleasing for the crowd.

To spin as direct competition to other spinners, espically professional, is rude and petty. I try to always ask if people don't mind me joining in, or I watch them until they're finished then have a little spin. As space is almost always limited you have to be considerate to everyone.

You may be better at the job, but they've got the job, and are paid by the club and you have to let them have their space and attention. If you really want a job spinning professionally you have to get yourself together and approach clubs professionally. If you offer a better performance than other people (but don't make yourself cheap) then you should win business. Or you try to join people who already spin for money. Then you can all work together on your performances.



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When I spin, I'm in my own little bubble. I hear and see nothing but the patterns I create, feel nothing but my body moving to the rythem.

You shouldn't worry so much about wot people think. If I see someone who spins better than me, I love it! I'll probably stand in awe for a minute or 2, but then really WATCH them. I've picked up so many moves/techniques just by paying attention to others.(yes, i'z a tea-leaf )
Nightshade I do think that your predicament, like every other, is case sensative. Use your better jugment - AND NEVER LET THE OPINIONS OF OTHERS STOP U DOING ANYTHING!

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Posted:Dom about style umm i most of the ppl here doesnt have a style well at least in my humble opinion they just stand there doing move without any feeling
they wont dance!!!

Now i hope that in the other show or something there is someone even much better than me that would be cool learning fromsomeone:D

Anyways! i think if they does other show i will wait they finish and then ask to the one that doesnt hate me to see if i can join them...!

or something dunno ;p

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Posted:Nightshade, just wondering why you chose that signature (dance as if noone is watching you) if you are so competitive ?

I don't know those people but honestly, to me, anyone who spins , even if it is not the most "aesthetic" dance (but then again, what does that mean ?) is fine with me cause they are having a good time, don't you agree ?

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Posted:ok sweetie why i choose that signature...
Cause i dance like if noone were watching me... i mean im not shy when im doing it...

Many ppl dont spin with crowd! or it affect their spinning cause they get nervous and shit!
i just dont care who is watching me i just do my best that i mean i dont care if a guy that ownz me is watching me neither a newbie i just dance to the music!

And Cassandra sweetie im not competitive i just would like a job of something i know how to do well! And here in my country THERE ARENT JOBS like that! not like in USA or Canada! that its a way easier!

Anyways why you think im competitive?

im just being honest of what i think of the other poiers i have saw!
for example! in my opinion like 3 months ago i was like those i mean i didnt dance to the music! so i think i was crappy dunno! but then i just dont care i mean they are learning i guess when im twirling and see other twirlers and i know them if im better i give them tips i like teaching! so ppl get really good
i think if i was competitive i would be selfish with everyone and i wouldnt teach ppl what i know!

Now Cassandra you gotta know something, many ppl that used to glowstring here was cause it was the cool thing of the momment... not cause they liked it not cause they liked the music just cause was teh cool THING! if you know what i mean! that sucks... just poing just cause is the cool thing!

Now i know ppl like me that poi cause they like it and they are great IMHO

Now i have saw a guy that just know the weave and windmill and corscrew and yes i think that guy fucking own cause he dance to the music and really seems to like it!!! of him i learn dancing like i do now i guess he just does like 4 things but he knows how to dance really!(when i met him i used to does lot of other move that he didnt but he knew how to dance to the music and i didnt) =) he is one of the best poiers here in my opinion tho, there are otehrs that knows more move but doesnt dance with the music and i consider that crappy dunno.

Well i hopeyou get what i mean...

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Posted:Going for a job is always a contest, & you don't know what the criteria is. These guys may be accepting less cash than you would, or maybe are working under a more restrictive contract. Maybe they have some kind of professional setup. Or maybe they just got along really well with the people who were hiring.

I haven't seen their poi-style, so I can't comment on that. I haven't seen yours, so I can't comment on that either. All I can say is that if you want a job at this club, apply to them. Show them your credentials and let them assess whether they want you to work there. Don't comment on the other people's credentials, only on your own, it doesn't go down well in job interviews.

Good luck with it all.


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Posted:Maybe try a different club... Make your own work. That club already has a twirler... wheather they be (in your oppinion) good at what they do or not. It's not very friendly to try to show people up... But there is nothing wrong with making friends with them and twirling along side them... Or going somewhere else and showing the world what you've got. Just like you, I'm sure the person who has the job, wants the job... and probably wants to keep it... It wouldn't be nice to try to take that from them. There's plenty for everyone

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Posted:Try in a different club????
errr like i said here isnt like in USA!

they wont give a job for twirlers here!
i was amazed when i saw those guys gota job there or something ;/

I could get a job on other club but i just will get one or 2 free bottles of whisky i guess that is...

i mean i want money not whisky!
and like i said im not gonna go there to show off thats not nice! like some ppl said! :/
so i might go and ask them how they got that job and how can i get it im interested and i can show them im really good too
thanks for yer opinions ppl:D

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Posted:(takes off his moderator cap)...

Well, you did ask for my opinion, and it certainly is NOT any type of official opinion of home of poi (hence my bare head).

Let's forget spinning for a moment and look it from a performance perspective, these people have been hired to spin as a performance. It would be extremely rude to also spin at the same time without asking them, and if they ask you not to, then respecting their decision is the 'professional' thing to do.

Imagine if you were in a band, getting paid to do a gig in a club, and another vocal group began singing their tunes while you were playing. It doesn't matter if they are better at music than your band or not, it's rude, disruptive and most of the crowd would think the vocal group were all a bunch of d*ckheads.

This reasoning applies exactly to the situation you have talked about as well.

Nightshade, most of your posts that I can recall, including this one, are constantly going on about people being "better" or "worse". You seem to be putting every spinner you meet into either of those two categories. I'm not saying that is the way you are, but it seems that way from what you post most of the time and that is all we have to go on HoP.

And, despite what you may think, Every one of your responses in this thread APPEARS to be confirming that you have a very competitive nature, and anytime someone you deem to be "worse" than you gets work, you gett jealous and angry. Once again, this is all just my opinion, but I think this may be the biggest detriment at the moment in your securing gigs...

I market myself agressively compared to a lot of local performers, I always carry business cards, let everyone I meet know what I do and ride my unicycle everywhere as an instant marketing tool.

There are lots of people who are 'better' than me technically, most of them are even better entertainers (there's a big difference). But marketing in this tiny industry is just as important as technical skills and crowd affinity.

I would never dare to try and take a gig they have already got off them. Ever! You can drop off a card or casually let the owners know that you do the same thing, but, in my opnion, deliberately poaching will get you a very nasty reputation in a very short time. It sounds like you have been blacklisted by some people already, you don't want any more nails in the coffin.

Listen to what Moonpixie said, Nightshade1.
If you are genuine about making this a career move, or as a second income, I strongly urge you to be friendly with everyone you meet, especially in the industry. Also, you say
quote: here in my country THERE ARENT JOBS like that! That's great! That means all you need to do is start educating potential clients on what is available and you have a brand new market. That the perfect opportunity to get a lot of regular well-paying gigs.
In places where there is already a demand, people will fill it quickly, and you'll have a much harder time than if no-one is using performers or glowstickers.

I apologise if this sounds mean, but I really think you should stop complaining about what others have got, and start a serious, professional process of 'getting' for yourself.

If you don't, the only person to blame is yourself...

*Once again, I'm aware that this post may be interpreted as an attack on Nightshade1. It is not intended to be. It's merely a summary of my personal feelings on this thread and a few others where Nightshade1 has also voiced his own opinions*

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Posted:ok i accetp yer opinion dude
Now listen they wont pay here for doing that... maybe that was a special case they got?

if you do here at least in the place i have got a job they just wanna pay me with stupid whiskies bottles... last time i told him i didnt wanna spin for whisky! i wanted money.. and he seems he didnt want to give me money... anyhow irefused it.
Now many other glowstickers know me they know im nice and im there if they need some help
i just have knows one glowsticker that hates me and thats cause i was more skilled than him in a tourny, i never did notihng to him or showed off or nothing:p
Like i said i wouldnt do that cause it wouldnt be nice like ppl said

Now there is sometihng i dont get why you think im competitive i wouldnt be showing ppl stuff i alredy know if i was! i would be like a fucking selfish saying i wouldnt show them nothing iknow... competitive in what way?

Well call me competitive if that means that i wanna know better spinners than me to learn from them:p

Other question how else you can qualify someone?
he is worts or better that is in some way ...
if there is other way teach me then...
errr iwill keep typing later i gotta run i got classes:P

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Posted:Sorry Nightshade,

But I totally and whole heartily agree with Charles 100%. Nice one bruva!

In the last 6-8 months Josh and myself have tried to get into this professionally, on top of working a 40 hour week in a professional job as well...Anyway, we think that we are among the best in Adelaide (our tiny Australian town). Now we know of a few other fire groups in Adelaide that have had gigs and got paid quite a lot of money, and are not technically as good as we are, but still quality non the less (IMHO). I used to wonder how they got gigs and stuff. And all it was, they marketed themselves much more aggressively then us. A lot of clients wouldn’t have the foggiest of who we are but they were likely to know of the other fire group that performs, as they either have an agent or market themselves with flyers etc….

So…. when I noticed as advertisement in the paper for young artists and performers I entered this. Josh made us up a simple website, I wrote a biography of what we had done, where we had been etc, and wrote a professional and formal letter to them saying who we were, with picture etc, and phoned them, acted very professional about it. They have given us 2 fire performances to promote them; one we busked and got some money. The other was a free-bee.

After that I received a phone call and they asked us if we wanted to teach a class. We accepted, and where paid at an hourly rate, which was higher then what Josh and myself are getting paid for our professional jobs. And only yesterday we were approached to possibly do a half-hour performance at their website launch. Which again we will be probably getting a good amount on money for it too.

Now this is only ONE place that I marketed us too, but I believe that because I did it in a very professional manner, and we were well presented, we stuck in their minds and have got repeat business.

And I would also like to add, its not like this work is really available here, and that’s mostly because I don’t think clients know that its available. If you really want to make a job out of spinning then you really have to market yourself. I am not sure if it is the same with glow sticks, they may be harder to market then fire, because well fire has much more appeal across a wider spectrum of people then glow sticks, and it has the ‘ooooo fire’ factor too. But I would strongly suggest if you really want to make money of out spinning, you have to treat it as a proper job. This means you are going to have to have professional letters, flyers, phone clients, organise meetings, and possibly spinning to backstreet boys wearing something you wouldn’t wear in a million years…and that’s what it takes to make money out of this. You are an entertainer you be entertaining….

If you want to be treated as a professional performed and get paid as one, you have to act like one. So get out the phone book, make up some flyers, a website and start marketing yourself. You should have competitive prices and a professional attitude, and even though you might not get work over night, people will hear about you and if they think you sound good then they will track you down. Just get out there, get known and be professional about everything.

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Posted:quote: and even though you might not get work over night, people will hear about you and if they think you sound good then they will track you down. Too true, I've got a gig tonight, as a result of doing a show over 6 months ago. The promoter tracked me down as they really wanted *me* to do the show. Who knows what will come from some of the seeds you sow



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Posted:Katinca sweetheart thanks for yer opinion
tell me how do to maket myself.. i mean i even cant do it in clubs! they will boot me if i even try lol or dunno :/ practicing on my house my mom will kill me like WTF you wanna kill yersefl blahb lah blha blha blha

other thing... how i do bymysefl a fire set? :/
what i need to make one ;/ or i gotta buy it?

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