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Posted:heh 2 alli,d like 2 ask peoples advice on 2 things1. where is the best value public liability insurance 2 be found2. can any1 offer numbers 4 good agencies or a way in2 performing at the festivals. ive got loads of experience at clubs and events but its always been mates of promotors who have sorted it 4 meany advice on either would be much appreciated preferably 2 my email, as i get 2 check that at work------------------Love,Peace and HappinessRob

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Posted:Hunt the agents down and ask them what they want, what they get asked forr, then of course you gotta have promo material.Then they wanna see what you look like, this means you need a cd rom/video or are you gonna give them a free gig? If you work for free, they WILL know that you are 'green' and take you for all it's worth. Not all agents are bad but a large percentage are in my experience.Oh yeah, do a search for insurance as this has been covered before - I know Zurich do cover fire dancers but they aint cheep and make sure you check what exactly you are covered for. (Point?)Hope this helps Robudda.TEMPEST



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Posted:Try Torribles in Bristol for public liability they are pretty good!loveAxis


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Posted:Ah, this looks like a good place for this.

Today I was asked for my liability insurance details for a fire gig next week... I went and dug out the paperwork, and lo! and behold, it expired at the end of last month.

So, I set about looking for more.

And I got the bargain of the century.

Nice company called Assure UK have a new liability policy THIS WEEK, specifically aimed at performers. So serious are they, that they even have a slot for "Fire Dancers".

Pretty sweet. The sweetest thing though, is that it will only cost 165 quid for the year, covering us for up to 2 million. And not only is that for me, Joss and Brad, but we can add other names to the policy for NO EXTRA CHARGE.

Pardon my American, but, like, WOW!

Is it me or did this just get way cheaper?

(Incidentally, they also asked me if I wanted additional "Terrorism Cover". I laughed and said no...)


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Posted:That sounds absolutely sweet Mags! And a hell of a lot cheaper than normal! Thanks for that, mines just run out aswell-(funny that :rollseyes), so this has come at just the right time!



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