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Posted:I just stayed up all night to write a huge essay from scratch. I kept myself awake with red bull and coffee. I feel like i am dying slow and really pleasant death. I thought i had an extension on it however, the uni decided to inform of the fact that i dont have it, the night before the deadline. So i ran to the library, got books, ran to the shop, got Red Bull. And barickaded myself in my room. and spent 12 hours writing it. It turned out a hell of a lot better than i expected. Now I am sitting here feeling really depressed. I know that all i need is some sleep but cant fall asleep because im still pumped up with caffeine and sugar.
Im sure some of you will now this feeling.
Oh yeah, i know that its my own fault for procrastinating it. And i get really angry at myself everytime i do it cause i end up spending 12 hours staring at books and a computer screen.

i just needed to get that out of my system.
smile ubbcrying

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Posted:aw poor konsti...I know your pain!! Isn't it sh1t when the body falls asleep way before the brain will!!

Let's relight this forum ubblove


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Posted:Does it make any sense now?

I just remember having too much coffee and being unable to type without repeating keys at about 3 in the morning when I was at University. It also helps to know about other people in the same situation and to sit on talk/IRC "Oh s**t, it's getting light now...".


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Posted:you're a fresher right?

in which case don't worry, you're almost half way through it. In subsiquent years you just won't give a damn about essays, especially ones which can be handed in late wink


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Posted:hehe, i got addicted to chocolate coated coffee beans during degree:)
skipped straight past the coffee and went straight for the source:)
i used to go rollarblading at 4 in the morning coz i wouldt be able to sleep!! ubbloco

did some one say they saw a flying purple people eater??


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i used to go rollarblading at 4 in the morning coz i wouldt be able to sleep!!


You just reminded me when I was in the A&E a few years back, we were in a bad way at about 6 in the morning when this girl rocked up with her mates all drunk. They'd been rollerblading while drunk and the girl'd broke her ankle or something. It was very funny at the time...

ubblol Sorry just having a bit of a moment there....thanks for that.. ubblol

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