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Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear--not absence of fear.

- Mark Twain

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great joke, and take a look at the post number, kinda the opposite of the joke, don't you think?Deaneage------------------A pig that doesn't fly is just an ordinary pig - Porco Rosso

A pig that doesn't fly is just an ordinary pig - Porco Rosso

CharlesBRONZE Member
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Thats great ROFLHHODABAID !!!!!!!!!!(Roll On Floor Laughing Hitting Head On Door And Bashing Ankle Into Desk)------------------Charles (INFERNO)newdolbel@hotmail.com

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Well if you want to laugh at people dying go right ahead!
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(Super - flash beat you to the 666 post by just 14 minutes! Spooky)

Courage is the man who can stop after only one peanut

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Ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaawell, you said I could....

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good one !
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"I want brown bread... no, that is diesel oil..."
"So I was raised in Europe, where History comes from ..."
"NON !!! La Plume de mon oncle n est pas Bingibangibungi !!!"