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Hiya Folks,Well, I got my first Poi Set for Christmas, and have been working with them when-ever the weather is climate enough in Virginia.I've started to notice that my left hand is severely getting stressed out with behind the head butterfly movies. I can do alternative butterfly all day with my right hand...Are there any specific exercises or stretches I could be doing to help my left hand get up to speed, so to speak? I'm tired of having it give out in mid spin and bang my knee--again.:-)Thank yeRenfairegeek aka VA------------------La La La...

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oh oh oh! Pele!! Can I say it this time?
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*clears his throat and puts on official sounding voice*You should try using the search button in the discussion board as this has been discussed before. Heh heh...

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*hugs Durbs*Well done my friend! Well done!I will add, do a search in all forums, because this has come up in both spinning forums as well as this and technical! Good luck!------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...[This message has been edited by Pele (edited 14 January 2002).]

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