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thinking of taking up lessons BUT the websites i have found seem to mostly show crumpled women in the depths of midlife crises wearing bad velvet and worse makeup. which is kinda offputting. are there actually normal people bellydancing?and, a fair few people have told me i actually need a belly to bellydance. do you reckon that's true? it all seems to be a little disorganised too, and coming from a strict regime of RAD classical ballet, that kinda screams incompetance...someone allay or confirm my fears?

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This has actually come up on here alot, and if you do a search you will find more info.I know there are a few of us on here who are at different levels of bellydance, including myself. I have also taken several other forms of dance for varying lengths of time. You don't need a belly to bellydance, it is more traditional of course, but hell, I break tradition alot so I say it doesn't matter.I have no idea what sites you are looking at but...there are a ton, and I mean a ton, of bellydancing sites out there that are really nice. Not many online lessons if that is what you are looking for but many sell video's and such. I can't think of any off the top of my head but do a websearch for Veena and Neena, the twins. Also try
might provide you with useful links.Learning belly is like any other style of dance. There is countless information vehicles out there from useless books and video's to really amazing ones. Nearly every town has some form of instruction within a 30 minute drive to somewhere it seems. Do a local search too. Also keep in mind that there are several forms of Belly. The Turkish Peasant Dances, which are more celebratory are fairly upbeat and aerobic. The traditional Egyptian, which was the one done for Pharoahs and such, is much more fluid, slow and graceful. There is an Indian (Arabic) style which is more angular but still sexy. Each of these styles has fancy proper names. Ask a perspective instructor to explain it to you. And because of the upsurgence you will find about as many styles as instructors, since combining all the styles is extremely popular as well (I like doing this myself, and then throwing in ballet, hip-hop and other such moves). Check around, see what you like and have fun.Happy shimmying!------------------Pele Higher, higher burning fire...making music like a choir...[This message has been edited by Pele (edited 10 January 2002).]

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check out "fat chance belly dance" they have really cool videos and costume info. this is the style of bellydance that i tend to prefer. They would fall under the tribal style of bellydance (multilayered costumes that are a mix of eastern european, indian, and arabic designs) this is different than cabaret style bellydance that is more based on egyptian dance and exotic lounge style with costumes that are more minimal and flashy with things like sequins.

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All I know about belly dancing is that I shouldn't do it.------------------HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

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I saw this program in the UK when Darcy Bussell went to learn belly dancing and found it VERY hard as it was againt all her training. Damn she looked good though - especially as she was amongst the "women in the depths of midlife crises wearing bad velvet and worse makeup"
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Dont be put off by the bad websites. Bellydance is really heaps of fun as well as being good for you!! I have been bellydancing for about 2 years and absolutely love it. Sequins are gorgeous on the costumes and they go really well with firedancing as well. SPARKLE SPARKLE!!I also love the jingle of the bells and coins. Yummy!!!

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its fun and good. you end up getting an ab muscle belly if you don't have one. American Tribal style (or just tribal style as mentioned above) is a modern fusion of traditional middle eastern steps and other dances like flamenco (which itself was middle eastern influenced by the moors in Spain). Its also usually done in a group, which I think makes it more fun than so-called cabaret or night club style which is where you end up solo-ing. Which is different again from what middle eastern mothers and daughters and grandaughters traditionally do at haflas and henna parties, which is dance for themselves. anyway, tribal costume is fun, it has turned me into an ebay addict...and since its usually natural materials its not as flammable as chiffon
Non-Https Image Link not organized enough to have a picture of me with the fire fingers and this costume, its just rehearsal. and the israeli guy said these tassles look just like the ones he puts on his horses, so i guess i managed to make them look authentic
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\\\\\\\\\\\\\hallo ClareArabic/Middle Eastern dance is great, it often gets bad press from the media which creates the image that it is either very 'tacky' or only done by large middle aged ladies.Have you tried the website ?They have details of two people in Perth who teach (don't know what they are like though)plus lots of other info.Hope that is of some use to you!

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hehe. yeah, i found keti's website (id heard of her through a friend's mum), thanks anniesparks.she's somewhat reassuring, and after you do a basic class, she runs other sessions. and the modern fusion one sounds great. you bellydance to techno and trance
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. maybe not traditional, but hellafun.pele, snaps for explaining the 3 different types. aerobic sounds good. i want a workout.oh, and peregrine, i found your piccy VERY reassuring. sexy, but not tacky. *happysigh* im givin keti a call. oh, and to top things off, she teaches about 1/4 hour's drive from my house.