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Posted:Hey guys, I was wondering what is usually a good length for chains. Right now I'm spinning about 27". I was thinking of shortening, though I haven't had a problem with this yet, shortening could reduce weight and such, as is I use link chain anyhow. Just any advice, if it makes any difference i'm 5'10" and 27" goes from mid palm to about my heart, that includes the full length of my practice wick. Thanks.

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Posted:My chains are the length from the middle of my palm to my armpit. This is just the chain part. The connectors and all make the poi a little bit longer. That seems to be about the general consensus around here, but basically, go with whatever feels comfortable to you. Some people like them longer, some like them shorter. Once you develop your own style, you will figure out what works best for you.



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Posted:its up to you, but longer chains can limit the moves you can do. I'm 6f2 and use 45cm chain (exc heads/handles, not sure what full length is). I know that many people think that the longer the chains the cooler, but if I use anything longer than I can't do moves like corkscrew, horizonal mexican wave etc without hitting/burning my body.


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Posted:When I bought my current chains, I didn't have anything to measure the length of my arms so I just bought the longest pair, reasoning that I could take a few links out if I had to.

I'm glad I did that now - I've not taken any links out, but learned to shorten the chains mid-swing by wrapping them around my hands. This way I get the advantages of long chains while also being able to do moves like the buzzsaw that need a chain shorter than my arm.

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Posted:a little safty advice here,
right the question is how long should my poi be for me? answer: what ever is comfortable.
problem: you cut the chain down and its too short? you have to buy more chain, not cost effective.
right so heres my point: i presume most of you have split rings on your fire poi to attach your finger loops, to shorten your poi, leave the end chain link attached to the split ring, then count how many links down you want to shorten your chain by, then affix that link to the split ring too, this will add a little more safty to your toys as your poi are attached by two links.
you can then allways redo the steps and alter them to suit.


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Posted:All a matter of choice. My chains are really short (people pick them up and call them cute, they see more action than I do ). They are also a pretty heavy gauge ball chain. I am very happy with them, but it is really hard to move slowly with them. It is something I want to work on, but I think I also need to get a set of longer lighter chains.

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Posted:PK's right on this have your chains where they are comfy. Most standard poi are from the handle (at the hand) to the armpit. Play around and find something you like.

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Posted:There are people out there who don't go for 'comfortable' and 'easy', cause they don't believe (self)development can be found in there. They'd rather explore new/other ways and accept the resistance that comes with it.

For me, things always start off with an image ("what do I want") and then I try to work towards it.
Last year I was experimenting with slow movements, cause I liked them more then the speedy thing you often see. That's when I decided to make poi with chains of approx. 85 cm (chain only)! I had to relearn some moves, but I liked the weight and the big(ger) circles i could make. I experimented with slow movements, Tai Chi like, and slow music, Indonesian Gamelan music.
Some time ago I decided to cut them down a bit so my chains are now 70 cm.

BTW my first selfmade poi were made of dogchains with wooden balls(!) attached to them. And 2 m long ribbons. Very dangerous (naive), but at the other hand it forced me to make accurate movements.

My triple section staff was approx. 2.15 meter! A few weeks ago I cut of 15 cm because the weight was a bit of a problem...

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