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There's quite a diversity of both chain and wick lengths her in New York and even more so around the world.

Get a ruler and whip yours out and let me know how long it is.

I usually spin "short" chains (by New York standards) at 16" from knuckle to the bottom of the wick with very small (by New York standards) wicks at only 2-3" wicks. I just got some more ball chain in the mail and would like to start playing with longer lengths so I can do more thru-wraps and such. I just made a 32" possibility but I'll probably consider my new 22" long enough for me.

So to recap...

NYC spins:
16" from knuckle to wick bottom (41 cm)
3" high cathedral wicks (8 cm) made from 2" kevlar
{Note 1" = 2.54 cm}

I know my buddy Skunk will represent the other extreme (if he sees this post)... He's big and long.

How long and big are all of yours?

Well, shall we go?
Yes, let's go.
[They do not move.]

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i'm in the midwest, and average lenght around here is 22-24", short is anything less than that and the longest i personally go is about 34-36" (as anything longer than that is of a greater lenth than my arms - measured from the tip of my middle finger to my armpit.) though there are raver kids around who go about 50" or more, but that always looks like it's too limiting, not to mention exhausting having to do everything above your head.

and none of these lengths include the lenght of whatever you're swinging.


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