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Hello, I saw this ...device i guess is the only word i can think of at the moment... during the fire spinners procession at burning man 2002, and I've been trying to contact someone with fire performance experience to help me figure it out or find some to purchase...

I saw someone with gauntlets and leglets that were on fire during the procession, and have been racking my brain since to figure out a setup that would work to sustain a fire and also not overheat, but have been unsuccessful to figure it out.

I'm a moderately proficient leather and metal ermm... smith? worker? so i'd be able to craft it if anyone is able to give me some sort of idea as to how i'd be able to make this toy.

danke for any help


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Hi there - I'm really not th ebest for this sorta stuff, but i want you to get an answer here!

I think it would have to do with the size of the flame and the burning temp of the fuel and the construction of the items. If you used just a small amount of kevlar for each flame and used something like kero as a fuel, it would burn at a low temp and not be too overwhelming.

If the gauntlets etc were made of a metal poor in conducting heat and lined with something like leather then I doubt there would be much heat transference to the skin.

If you saw the design up close I think you'd find that the wicks would be on wires slighly elevated from the surface of the actual gauntlet.

Hope this helps a bit! The best person I can think of to speak with would be Adam Rice... he knows all sorts of wonderful techie things Adam's website

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If you can give me some more information, like burn time, shape of the flame, size of the flame, was the whole thing on fire, or was it just in parts, ext. I would love to help you out with this. I am usually very good with engineering delemmas, as I deal with them almost daily at work.

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well I didnt get too close of a look at it, and I didnt see it for too long, so I can't say really about burning time for the ones i saw...

The flames weren't really that big, if I remember correctly they were about the size of a small poi? ish? i'm not certain.

And the flame was just kind of hovering off the surface of the gautlet, so what i'm thinking is that it was some kind of metal bar with the wick on it attached to the band... something like...

well i cant ascii draw it... um... i'm blankin' on how to describe it, like an iron, but instead of the iron part it was the band and then a flattened u shaped handle with the wick wrapped around the part that is paralell to the forearm/shin. did that make any sense? should i have left out the bit about the iron?

thanks for all the help so far, I'm going to talk to my metalsmithing prof a little too to see about some choices for metals to use and such.

danke danke


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Ajina, you might also have a look in the intro thread and find the one for Svye and pm him for ideas/info. He also does leatherwork and sewing and like that, and i do believe he has a pair of firepants! He was at BMan this year, and may gotten a better look at the fire gauntlets (or have been wearing them ).

I would say that an important feature of such an item would that it's easy to tear off in case of emergency... Maybe snaps, with a heavy leather lining behind them on the skin side.

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