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fire bird 3 posts
Location: israel

so i got the "circles of light" vid's and got puzzeled . what are u guys use to transfer fire on the body? is this coleman? can only colman do that? what is it? is it gas? is it liquid? where can i get it? i live in israel and it doesnt seem to be around. but maybe if someone knows how to reach the manufacter i can import it?
i didnt despair and spent the last three hours researching the subject and got just more confused. so from my abyss of despair i call you ho fire loving knights and princesses that rome between these pages, please, anyone help...

NickC 183 posts
Location: Nova Scotia, Canada

Did you search this site? I seem to remember threads about this.

Fire By Riz tm 212 posts
Location: tampa fl usa

fire bird
coleman fuel has alot of different names
in isreal it is called "Delek lavan" here is a link to a international fuel chart
that should help you on your search.. you can also do body flame tranferes with 70 or 90 % rubbing alcohol that is as easy to find as your local drug store
or a high grade of rum like 151..i use white gas myself but be warned it gets hot real fast.

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