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Posted:has anyone thought about trying to tell a story with their poi. after a while my trick base has slowed in its progress so i got to thinking about trying to spin up a yarn. it certaintly makes new combinatios more interesting and breaks down the limits placed on trying just visually cool looking stuff. have you been trying similar stuff

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Posted:huh?------------------[]Dhuong-Vu Truong==== []Dhunky ====

Posted:mm well I guess enacting battle scenes and seduction would be easy enough...and I think experienced twirlers sometimes do this to break up a set stylistically. It would have as much to do with your body language as your poi I guess.Josh

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Posted:You could probably do the Macarena with poi...


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Posted:Check the website by the Finnish fire troop "Tulikansa"... maybe that's what you meant.www.tulikansa.comthey seem quite interesting to me , mixing mythology with fire performance ...has anyone seen them perform a beltane for example ??don't know if this is what you meant though !Shine onCassandra

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Posted:maybe we should all start twirling to peter and the wolf...
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Posted:I saw a Mauri traditional poi dance where they used long poi to act out the flight of a bird. I like the website Cassandra, they look really great; i love magical/mythical stuff. i can always see 'mythical' creatures in people. i dont think what we call 'mythical' creatures really are mythical - i believe in fairies etc.. (actually ive seen one but when i tell people this they think im mad). Id even go so far as to believe that we could have been/will be reincarnated within the magical realm. anyhow, as with magic, anything is possible - use your imagination and creativity, good luck with the 'poi play'!

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