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Posted:It is quicker to do it this way than to trawl through the whole lot looking for the right posting.Grips for staff was the disscusion and I remembered that the guy who taught me poi had a metal devilstick with neoprene along most of the length. Where it had got hot it had shrunk a little but gave it a pretty tapered look. Safe with fire/fuels etc and good for cold weather. Just thought that you'd like to know.

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Posted:I think two of the things mentioned were:1) Electrical Tape mounds2) Bike handlesOr you could just get some gloves but I dunno about that...Kinudin


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Posted:There are several kinds of bike handlebar tape. I'm fond of the cork variety (available in many colors). This is very cushiony and moderately grippy, and has good durability.Another tape I recently discovered is silicone tape. This has a wonderful, grippy feel to it, and is available in a few colors plus transparent (so you can put whatever you want underneath, for visual alignment or decoration). The problem is that it is pretty susceptible to buckling and tearing, and would require replacement pretty frequently. Interestingly, it's rated to 500°F and is self-welding.

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Posted:I have found that tennis grips are very good. They last for a long time too, and can be very cheap.

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Posted:Hockey stick grips & tape are also really good. & they tend to be a thicker width than tennis racket stuff, so you use less of it to cover a bigger area... (plus side is that they have little holes in it so your hands can breathe & don't get all sweaty)R.

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Posted:I'm with tennis racket grips too but with a centre piece of insulation tape for low friction on fingerspins.I also built it up a little towards the ends of the grip - if you catch it slightly uneven the staff or it isn't central in your hand, it seems easy to adjust easier back easier. I can just feel the taper if both hands are next to each other cos its about 40cm long.I dunno, the fatter, squishy edges just seem to push you towards the smooth, taped centre.It hasn't bugged with any contact moves yet as my staffs are quite heavy but then again,I can't do that much contact yet.
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Posted:Silicone tape? Where would you go about getting hold of that? Bike shops?Tennis racket grip has been fantastic for me in the past, but I've had heaps of trouble trying to find good transparent grip!------------------Needless complexity is a sign of a conditioned mind...Simplicity is the missing ingredient

Needless complexity is a sign of a conditioned mind...
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Posted:Silicone tape is somewhat unusual. The only place I've seen it is the all-encompassing http://www.mcmaster.com.

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Posted:and the only place ive seen it is in the BDSM shop in Exeter,N

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Posted:Silicone strips.Silicone strips??! bah humbug!Next thing ya know, you'll be injecting collagen on your wicks for that pouty pyro look, stabbing hypdermics full of botox to vanish those character wrinkles along the handle - just to get that chic firedancer look from Milan this year....ARE WE THAT VAIN?.. now where's that PEZ dispenser loaded with Viagra....

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