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Posted:This LED light stick... oh mr. god person malcolm, what is this LED light stick, please explain! also I wanna know if you can replace the batteries and how durable it is

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Posted:LED light stick?

Did you get alot of duct tape and put some beaming balls on the ends of a broom?

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Posted:Also, is the hole on the end of it big enough to fit the Quick Link through?

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Posted:no no no not a lot of duct tape... Its something new (I'm pretty sure) that is being sold here under the LED lighted poi section

Vagueness defines everything...

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Posted:ooh - they look pretty cool, if malcom has put them up they have to be pretty durable - he doesn't want millions of returns on hop's fantastic returns policy.

What i'd like to know is which ones are the brightest??

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Posted:I've been playing with those...

see here for my experiments with a two-colour one, i dunno if the single colour ones are more durable, but it seemed to need some way of holding the batteries in tighter - they never actually BROKE, just got too loose to make neat contact

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Posted:The manufacturers have fixed the lose switch thing frostypaw said can happen.
They are made from a very tough plastic. You can unscrew them to replace the batteries.
Unfortunately quicklinks are too big to fit the hole.
I get sent samples of just about everylight stick in creation. Most break far too quickly and/or are way over priced.
I smashed the crap out of these and were impressed by how durable they are and the price.
The are pretty light to swing with, however with time you can get use to the weight or tape them to some beamers

I am looking into a clip so they can be attached via quicklinks to chains etc. Otherwise you can just make a loop of string and then loop the string in the quicklink.

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