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Posted:I'm looking for something that does allot of light, works on batteries and doesn't need to be replaced.
I've looked on the LED stick light, and that looks promising, but I have a few questions.

What is better, a regular stick light or the LED? Do they make the same amount of light?

Can I replace the batteries of the LED?

Did anyone of you ever used those things? please tell me what you think about them, do they worth it?

Does anyone has a video of them, or pictures? that would realy help.


And one last thing, In Toxic's video, he uses blue and purple stick lights, are they the LED ones? where can I find the purple?

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Posted:I myself have always used custom LED sticks and chem glowsticks, depending on the case. The LED sticks can be very durable if you handmake them.

My LED sticks are made by myron, aka sonicalflair on He recently made another batch based on a photon curcuit that provides lots of light and easy to change batteries. My own pair are of his old design, and the typical one.

LED sticks typically are brighter than chemical sticks. But as the batteries begin to fade over time they get dimmer. Batteries in mine last 25 hours. I use chem glowsticks in clubs because I don't want the my LED ones getting damaged.

Pictures of new design.

LEDsticks can have UV LEDs which give off purple light. Perhaps that is what you saw?

If you want to see another video with LED sticks, here is an old video of me practicing my new wrapping technique.
You may have to register first, but it's worth it.

To do: More Firedrums 08 video?
Wildfire/US East coast fire footage
LA/EDC glow/fire footage
Fresno fire

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