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Posted:I'm looking into learning fire poi, but before I can I must acquire the proper equipment. I'm just glancing over the inventory on the home of poi ordering pages, and I see that there are several types of heads available.

Can someone please explain to me the difference between tube core heads, cathedral heads, and monkey fist heads in terms of what effects they create?

Do wicks have to be replaced after each performance or can they be reused? I'm slightly confused on this one

Pardon my newbieness Thanks in advance for any help offered here!

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Posted:check this: -

for details and pics of tubes and cathedrals.

cathedrals have bigger surface area for the same mass of wick so give a bigger, but less long lasting flame.

Monkey fists are a bit of a specialist item, the big ones give massive flames.

Kevlar wicks can be used many, many times, especially if you look after them well.

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