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Posted:After spending three solid days making the best beaming poi out of two contact juggling balls (they were the s**t) i decided to take them to a party in manchester on friday night. I had only tried them in the daylight for about two minutes before and couldn't wait to break them in.
Luckily for me some b*****d decided to swipe my bag from me just as i got off the tram and disappeared of into the sunset with nothing but my actual bag and MY NEW HOMEMADE BEAMING POI!!!!!!!!!
I have just finished wiping the last tear from my eyes and staring at a now redundant charger and have decided to cheer myself up by just going out and buying some new ones. This isn't as easy as it looks. After spending an hour on the internet it is clear that there is not one pair of beaming poi anywhere in the U.K for sale.
This i find hard to believe. Does anyone know of any place i can get some? even a hint of a suggestion would be good. or even someone who has some lying around. (pah the chances of that )

Please help me before i do something stupid


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Posted:My dad said we should have them back in the HOP shop sometime tomorrow (all going well).

New brighter orange LEDs in orange colour UV balls
and even newer...
Super bright green LED's in a yellowy-green coloured UV ball.
I've had a play with some protypes in between chasing my mouse toys and I like the new brighter colours.

Should be a bit cheaper than the last model too, but waiting for dad to do final pricing tomorrow.
But even with these changes they are still guaranteed to hurt if you hit your self just the same as the older ones .

Me, I'll stick to my soft mouse toys

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Posted:Mate that SUCKS! Not fair you probably need one of these hope someone can help - glow juggling balls i can help you with, beamers... nope



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Posted:Seven? Member #1?
Well at least I know their is a member #1 now.
And that is such a cute avatar.


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Posted:Ack! New and improved beamers? Cheaper!? GREEN!?

Do I get a refund or the chance to trade for green?

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