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Original Pyro

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Posted:Exactly what is the difference between Kerosene and Parafin, or is there none.

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Posted:My understanding is that they are the exact same thing, just different words for different countries.



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Posted:Yet another post from Original Pyro which could have been EASILY answered with a quick search.


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Posted:original pyro seems to be newly registered member.

Whilst I fully appreciate that some people find it a little annoying when newbies ask stuff that's been covered before I think there's room for a little leeway.

Speaking for myself I find it more annoying to be constantly seeing posts attacking people like pyro for not using the search function.

the fact is that HOPs search function takes a fair bit of getting used to and I'm not surprised that newbies give up on it.

At least he's clearly stated in the title question exactly what the post is about so anyone who's not interested in it can skip it.

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Posted:OWD: I do see the possibility that people might not think to search, but as you've pointed out there are quite a few reminders to do so. And as far as the search function being difficult...I just typed in "Difference between Kerosene and Paraffin", "Kerosene vs Paraffin", and "Kerosene Paraffin" into the search and for each got several threads dedicated to the subject. Thanks for the check though. In the future I'll try not to be bothered by it.

Original Pyro: I'm sure you get the point about searching the boards by now, so I won't bother you about it again. And by the way, sending me immature private messages in an attempt to insult me really doesn't help things.



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