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Posted:im about to buy some Poi for the first time, whats better single or double finger loops, have been using my friends Poi with single ring which was a bit uncomfortable

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Posted:I would beg for, borrow (but not steal ) a pair of poi/flags with double loops to try before investing in some. Sometimes I prefer singles, sometimes doubles. It's always nice to have the option, although I think I'd find 1 handed moves difficult with doubles.

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Posted:Doubles just feel sooo cool. I love them, in saying that, they are only really good in pratice, cause im sure there's no way u can guarantee that u wont get badly tangled and burned cause u cant drop your Poi.
Pratice = doubles.
Fire = single.
Or better still, 10 sets of both. Winning

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Posted:Raging Dragon, why wouldnt you be able to let go of double finger loops?
They are loops, not nooses(difficult to get out of in a tangle) you are refering to are aren't they?

I have double finger loops on all of my sets of Fire Poi. Never been a problem getting out of them in a tangle.

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Posted:umm ok, so was that single or double then?


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Posted:I always make my own Poi and use a single split ring which goes road my little finger.

Then I just feed the cord/chain through my fist and hold the Poi with a really natural grip; the little finger ring is there as security to stop them flying off.

I've never seen anyone else use this method but I've found it to be very comfortable and it makes switching in and out of one hand stuff considerably easier.

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Posted:My first set had single loops, which personally I found rather uncomfortable and they wore out rather quickly due to how I used them, I'd kind of wrap them around/between my fingers. This caused friction burns and such, but when I didn't wrap them up I felt that I didn't have the proper control.

My next pair were the double loops, which I love For me thats just how I want to hold them, and how I tried to hold them with the single loop. I like the control and it causes less irritation (which with my on and off Poi schedule this summer is an issue, I never fully build up a callase). As to fire, double loops seem perfectly safe, they can slid right off if thats what you need to do.

So my vote, double But than again the whole thing is personal preferance.

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Posted:I use big steel rings. I can fit three fingers through them if I wish but I usually use 2. It makes one handed stuff and throws really easy. I find I can shorten and lengthen my chains really well with them to in ways you couldn't do with loops.




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Posted:Doubles. Singles never feel like they're as attached to my fingers as doubles, and I worry about them coming off.

Alternatively, just grabbing the chain/string/whatever. Can give you more control for certain moves

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Posted:key grip all the way (like you hold a key, between your thumb and forefinger).

i started off with doubles and now finger loops are merely a safety precaution. i find the control i get from a string i am holding compared to a string connected to the outside of my fingers incomparable.

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Posted:agree with cole

also, I would make rope handles, I just have a knot in the end of my socks so for my Fire Poi Im gonna have a peice of rope as thwe handle with a knot in the end, simalar idea to the little ring round the pinky (I know others who do this dave) the knot is really there to stop it flying off and give a good length marker.



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