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Posted:I had an idea and it worked!

I'd been having trouble catching poi once I'd trown them. I'm a resonable juggler so I thought it probably wasn't my fault.

So I replaced the handles with large sterdy keyring loops, about 1.5-2 inches diameter. They're the sort that you have to pull open and slide a key round onto, not the split ring sort because I recon they would snap.

They're really good! They provide a nice open loop to catch. You can also catch slightly above then on the chain and just slide down until you get to the loop. Catching is made much easier.

They're also really good if you want to pass to one hand and back again. I'm now able to do a one hand weave behind my back, and pass one of the poi to my free hand, so that one poi can pass round and round my body

So, down with handles, up with keyring loop things.


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Posted:one hand wave......that sounds really hard...


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Posted:about a year ago Bassman also switched handles and all forms of loops for ball grips instead. When people tried it, they raved.
I don't have troubles with handles, and I am not a juggler, catch lower on the string and let it slide through your hand, catching on the handle. Also makes the moves more fluid and graceful imho.

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Posted:I use 3" steel rings for throws.I found they are easier on the hands.

But don't blame me,it was Le Skunk's idea.


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Posted:do you make the wieght in the handles the same as the poi head or less or more? i dont know.


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Posted:personal preference partly...

Most people go for less weight in the handle, 1:3 or 2:3 seems a standard handle:head ratio - i've got no idea what mine are...

A few people use 1:1 - makes contact moves easier, though i find they spin oddly when thrown - juggling clubs have a heavier head than handle and are designed for throwing so it makes sense to try and emulate these smile

Depending how you're weighting your handles, you can just try adding more (or less) weight - have a practise and play around until you find what you're after smile

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Posted:One handed weave is actually quite handy.

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