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Posted:Hello everyone! Its been a while. I have moved since last being on and now I'm in an apartment rather than a house with a garage.
Right now my gear is at my friends house but I need to bring it home. I'm nervous about this because I have 1 1/2 gallons of Coleman's White Gas in its origional containers. Not too safe. Please give suggestions on storing white gas in doors safely. I do have a puppy so this a concern as well. I could store outside too. Thinking of making some kind of holder for out doors but summer heat and elements worry me.

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Posted:Get a military ammo box to store your feuls, the feul cant combust inside it or at least its very difficult. My ammo box has a rubber seal on the lid so it cant spill either.

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Posted:yeah! make sure,when you buy anything ex-military its "top grade",they tend to sell things by grade in army stores.grade 3 is useless rubbish.grade 2 is not so bad but check for faults.grade 1 is generaaly damn good(1 previous caring owner and all that!). unused or "unissued" is the top,costs a bit more but like anything else if you look after it,it lasts you a lifetime. unlike computers

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Posted:pant cans will work to. Just pound the lid down. Make sure you don't store it anywheres where it can fall (or the puppy can knock it off). Maybe put it in a locked cabinet or chest or something.


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Posted:prob the safest thing you can store your colemans
inside in is the factory contianers.i am sure if it wasnt none of the stores would have it on thier shelf .paint cans are good as well but I store mine in the factory containers when at home
and during any type of transport.when i do have any fuel left over in my paint cans i keep those
in a metel air tight fuel dump box. I find after you open and close the paint cans a couple hundred times they tend to leak a little.that could be ugly if a puppy were to knock one over.

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