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Posted:- Apologies for double posting this one, but I'd like people to put the least poisonous stuff in their bodies as possible. -

Hey folks - I've done a lot of searching for uncut paraffin, and I personaly prefer not to put naptha or benzine in my body. So, as far as I'm aware, this is the only place to get 100% pure paraffin (without buying in bulk from oil companies,) in the United States:
These people kindly provided me with an MSDS and it is, indeed, pure. This is now where I purchase my paraffin - for our purposes, it's the safest (NOT that it's at all safe,) stuff out there.

If you are in the UK, buy the same from these folks:
And PLEASE don't buy this and try breathing for the first time - get someone knowledgeable to teach you.



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Posted:man thats expensive paraffin dude 17 quid fer 5 litres, geezus. will settle for my 3.20 for 4 litres.
cheers for the info though, was worth checking out.


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Posted:most expensive in the US i think is that sold for religious use, some is way way dear, though surely not too special in formula; people will pay more for a little amount when it's in certain contexts, including sacred, even like paying more, uh?

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