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Posted:Not looking for insructions here, just wondering if anybody has managed to master some form of double Poi-ing (I.E. two poi in each hand spinning at opposites!)

I reckon it has to be possible, but Im just trying single handed and getting no-where fast!

So...anyone able to do this???

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Posted:Yeah, probably, Bovril just rolls off the tongue easier though

I have no idea about doubles either really, I'm still learning with 1 in each hand.

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Posted:I tried something similar--one set of short meteors in each hand. I had, err, limited success.

I suppose if one were a super Shaolin master, one could probably do it. Mere mortals such as myself would need to practice *a lot*. Very heavy wicks would make it easier...until you hit yourself.

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Posted:working on double poi right now. tough sh!t. but it is possible. right now I can do a corkscrew maneuver with both hands and a mexican wave with both hands. the trick is really short poi for me. mine aren't much more then to my elbow and having them that short helps immensly.

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Posted:Well, hes on holiday, but if Minero were here he might pop up and say 'yes, of course' (The sponny little *&%$$%) but then hes just a bit dark.

Im having enough of a time with metiors, its like learning all over again, struggling with the backwards figure 8 and everything. cool as.


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Posted:A friend of mine showed me some double stuff (basic figure-8/corckscrew). I also saw on ripley's believe it or not a one legged hoola dancer who at one point was doing 2 butterflies, one in each hand (and over the shoulder stuff, quite cool).

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Posted:Fairy snuff!! (Fair enough!)

Now I have tyo ask if there is anyone out there who can do this and has somepointers.......?


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Posted:yes i can do two one handed butterflies.

ages ago (maybe early last year) i posted the first four basic moves i taught myself.

the first important thing to do is to get the butterfly going in one hand. im sure that we have also had some discussions on this as well, try a search.....

but just to make it a bit easier on ya.....

i think two poi joined in the middle are the way to do this style, with a knot in the middle, if the string is a complete unbroken line it dosent work as well

so start off with your right hand out in front of you, palm up with the middle of the strings in your palm.

next, flick the poi on the right side of your hand up and over (anti clockwise), as gravity brings
it up and over, whip the other poi into a clockwise motion.

im sure i explained it better in another post, other people had some good ideas too!!

it takes a while to get the hang off, then doing it with four is even worse. the bad news is once you get them going its even harder to do any moves with them!!

but find that post and at least you'll have an idea of where you should be going, i had to learn by trial and error.hopefully it will be quicker and easier for you


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Posted:I played around with two poi in each hand with glowsticks
it's hard stuff
I can do a figure 8 on a good day
I was just playing around with it for a while, you just have to get a feel for it and get used to having 2 in each hand and the way they move
(it's crazy when you do it with all different colours of glowsticks) but I found I got them tangled a lot


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Posted:Just this evening i was foodling around w/ Fred's stick-handle poi. They're sorta like a teensy morning star, a stick handle 5-6" long, then the chains, about 10" long and then wicks that looked pretty big for such short chains but that worked just fine. At one point i tried holding both handles in one hand with the heads coming out either side and it worked pretty well. I was actually considering something with a solid handle and double chains/heads... ('Course i gotta get some regular wicks first... )

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