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Posted:Hello there!

I need help!
Is it possible to make decent Poi myself or should I better buy them??


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Posted:I don't mean to sound rude, but have you done a search for this? There's an ample number of threads already on this topic that'll help.
Come to think of it, I think the FAQ has a fair bit in too.
I would give you the links, but I'm at work and shouldn't be on here at all

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Posted:the main HoP page for making Poi

it's easy, cost varies from nothing to lots depending what you use

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Posted:if we're talking fire, I dont think that article adequately sums up how to make fire poi. it gives the method to make the same thing as you can buy in the shop.

I say just go to the hardware store and let your imagination run wild.

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Posted:you could also look at incendium fire circus

there you can find some plans.. along with step by step photos


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Posted:I started with the practice poi.. then got the the Buzz Poi. I think they would be great to learn on and will last you a long time.

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Posted:try adam rice's site "firegear"crossroads/net.
good instructions on making fire poi.

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Posted:ooooo the best thing to tpractice with are definately the beaming poi from the sites shop!! they are *really* hard, and *really* heavy so if you hit yourself you'll learn not to do it very much...err...maybe thats not a very good idea..you could tie a couple chihuahua's to the end of leashes and swing those around, just dont let one of those little fockers bite ya, they urt really bad...wor you could go the safe way and make some out of socks..to do that do a search for the best directions.

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Posted:MATERIALS: 2 tennis balls
2 pieces of rope cutt to desired
lenght plus about 2 inches
2 metal washers
2 climbing handles(or cutt longer rope
and make loops at top for handle)

ok you'll need a tool to cutt a slice in one end of each tennis ball and to make a hole on the other end of each ball. bring the rope(i used climbing rope) through the hole and out of the slit. now slide the washer up the rope and make a real nice knott. squeeze it all back through the slice. repeat on other ball. the washer is there to stop the knott from leaving through the hole. now eather attach the handles or make a loop to make your own.
i find its a descent weight to learn with. as opposed the welts you can get from th beaming poi they do sting a bit when hitting yourself but they bounce so its not all absorbed by your body. also you can get waaaaaaaaaay crafty with these. attaching anything from a tail of feathers - uv reflective tails
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Posted:For firepoi, try this: Instead of wrapping the wicking around a metal tube, try wrapping it directly around the chain, then drill and screw through the wick, making sure that at least one screw per wick goes through one of the chain links. I have a set of poi with three stacked wickd made this way, and they work great. Sturdy, too. And don't hurt nearly as much as the ones with the metal pipe center when they bop you! They're also lighter, which means that my three-wicks are only slightly heavyer than my single wicks.