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i just thought i'd toss this topic up... i've been using home-made fire poi for a while now and i've decided it's time to buy a real pair.. as mine are falling apart and i'm too lazy to make another set... i went to the online store... and was presented with an array of choices.. pure flame, tube core, and cathedral.. what's the difference between the 3 and does it matter whether you use chains or cable?i know i dont want the double headed stuff.. just because i dont think i'm at that level of skill just yet.. but i'm not sure on the other choices... maybe you guys could help me out? thanks-Tails

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I don't realy like the cable type. They don't seem to untangle as easily as (regular) chain. I haven't used bead chain but, I imagine it's better than cable.

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I just made my own fire poi and I haven't had a chance to light them yet. But from people keep telling me, it mostly personal preference. The popular choice seems to be ball chained poi. Matt------------------I dreamt that I ate a 10 pound marshmellow and then when I woke up, my pillow was gone!

I dreamt that I ate a 10 pound marshmellow and then when I woke up, my pillow was gone!

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Don't get cable!! After a while, cables become quite warped (maybe I just tangled too much - I did learn with my cables, after all), and eventually become frayed, making wraps *extremely* painful. I've been using ball chain for a few weeks now, and it's so much better - plus they untangle themselves! Great if people are watching - "No, I meant them to do that, see how they now start spinning in the opposite direction....."
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If you do get ball chain, I would recommend you get the 4" wicks - I have the smaller ones at the moment, and they look a little a bit too small compared to the size of the chain. Almost inadequate...
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Can't comment on cathedral heads vs. tube core. J

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I've done experiments on cathedral wicks vs tube core wicks. Under identical circumstances, with wicks made using identical amounts of wicking material, cathedrals have a longer burn time by at least a minute.Now, these tests were with wicks of my own making--I can't speak with authority how the HoP's wicks compare, but I imagine the principle would hold true in general.

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i find that catherdral wicks have a much better burn time than tube core. i have used both for fire poi, meteors ect. and the cathedral held up much better. as far as cable or chain...well...i prefer a good 16 gauge box chain but that is a homemade type...but as far as things you can buy..go with chain. i have never used ball chain but i know that it has to be better than cable ( i currently have a set of cable meteor/poi...i would kill to put em on good chain instead...it doesnt unwrap worth a shit and like Jephyre said... ''wraps do start to hurt after a while'') but if given a choice i wold go with 4 inch wicks and ball chain all the way.....jokkerjokker------------------'' not all who wander are lost'' J.R.R. Tolkien'' its better to burn out...then to fade away'' Def Leppard

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Cathedral wicks on chain or preferably ball chain. If you can take a little extra weight get double headed. This is the way to go, you won't regret it, trust me.My main wicks are cathedral, slightly taller than the ones sold here, and more like those made my Adam (btw - the monster wicks are still incredible to behold!). Take a look at this picture and you'll notice 2 people spinning with rolled wicks, and then my wicks in the middle. There is a lovely difference.Oh, there's lots of other posts like this if you do a search and at the end of the day it's personal preference[This message has been edited by -Dom- (edited 09 March 2002).]

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Hey... thanks for the great replies... i guess my mind is made up.. i'm getting the cathedrals on chains.. even tho they're the most expensive :P after seeing that picture i know those are the ones i'm gonna go for.. once again.. thanks for the info.. i always like to be informed before i spend money
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I agree with everything said above aboot the perils of cable. it's fast and gets you a good low ping on counterstrike.But one important advantage is that i folds up more quickly then chains, especially ball chain. This is vital when you want to perform at festivals with a double 4" rolled wick on each poi, but can't carry a big dipping container - the cable folds snugly around each 4" roll. I concede in the bigger scheme of all things poi, it is a rare consideration.yeah. twine really does suck the more i think aboot it!!

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