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Posted:Retern of the mighty fire night yall.Mabey Ive lost count but I think we've been going strong for 5 years and now were on to our 6th season.
Every tuesday night 8-10pm @ Victoria park(oppisite victoria park market)
Fuel is provided for koha so pls bring some coins and a blanket and your toys.
Pois,staffs,jugglers it all go's down @ Fire night!
Starts Nov 4 the first tuesday in nov.
see you there!

Markeespark Sparkeemark & me

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Posted:The first night of the season was a blast! Here's a little video from our session...

Dave Kha


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Posted:what happened to fire night??
vistoria park is all closed up i was very sad when i went down to enjoy the festivities and saw big gates instead!!!


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