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Posted: ---------------------------------------Also, I guy I met on the weekend said that there was another firenight in Mission Bay on Thursdays, I'll try to find out more and keep you updated.---------------------------------------Tuesday Firenights are back!---------------------------------------Starting next Tuesday, the 9th of October, from dusk til whenever.Everyone is Welcome, bring your toys, your fuel and lots and lots of energy...Where is it? It's in the same old haunt, Victoria Park, opposite Victoria Park market.For more info call the Balloonski shop on 379 8984 or just turn up on the night...------------------Charles (INFERNO)newdolbel@hotmail.com[This message has been edited by Charles (edited 23 October 2001).]

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Posted:Hey there, a few of us have been catching up in Mission Bay on Sunday ( and some Saturday) nights for a burn. Love to see more people down there, we generally head down bout 9pm-ish.


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Posted:are you still meeting on these days? i get to nz next week.

anyone going to juggling festival?


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