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Posted:Hello interested individual.

I am a Melbourne based fire performer who works predominantly solo. Formally part of a troupe of three, my former partners have lost interest over time to the point that they no longer perform. I regularly get requests for duo performances – Hence I am in need of finding or training a new partner.

Key Desired Characteristics:
Energetic personality and a strong desire to perform with fire.
Good sense of movement, rhythm and body awareness.
Preferably female (most requests I get are for male female acts)
Melbourne based – preferably closer to city

Further but Non-Essential Skills:
Competency in multiple forms of fire equipment.
Circus skills: Stilt-walking, torch juggling, devil sticks, diablo, contact, etc
Gymnastics: Acrobalance and or tumbling.
Dance and / or Martial Arts Skills.
Painting, sculpting and or / costume making skills.
Musical skills of any form.
Puppetry; body prosthetics, stick, glove or marionette manipulation.
Fire sculpture, eating and / or breathing.

Successful applicant will receive free comprehensive training in all forms of fire equipment, body movement and fire safety procedures. Assistance with obtaining public liability insurance will also be provided.

If interested please contact David on 0421 851 886 or email your contact details to

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Posted:Hi there...i hope i don't seem cheeky but i need you have any info on the legalities of fire performing in street a poi , staff , sword performer just starting on the path of fire performance..any advice would be great..thx and good luck finding your lady fire star


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Posted:welcome to HoP, Blaze!

please raise your help issue in either the help forum or the performers' forum. this is a very old request and dave has since moved on to form the spectacular Cirque Mystique troupe.

if u need a chat about melb peformances/troupes/legalities, i am available at both weekly melb meets - wednesdays and sundays.

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Posted:Well done Bender... I might lock this thread if Dave has all he needs from it now.

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