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Posted:Hey all !!!
hope you all well and good and that the burns under you arms helped you reach a new level of spinning.
anyway, just wanted to put the word out and ask if there are any spinners in Queenstown, NZ cause a couple of mates and I are coming your way in sept/Oct and were wondering if there was anyone who wanted to get together for a burn.
unfortunately we aren't bringing out toys cause i dont want to run the risk of having my pride and joy confiscated at the f*#king airport so if you wouldnt mind lettin us have a spin with your sticks/pois whatever then i would love to hook up.
aaaaaaanyway reply to this post or drop us a line at m_ferriman@hotmail.com if anyone is interested cause id love to meet you guys whilst we there.
may the fire always light your way

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Posted:hey Fezza, there is a krew in Queenstown, the're called Fire and Ice. Search on this engine and you should find them....but we're a krew from Dunedin, just afew hours away. So if you think you might been heading over the hill give me a buzz and we'll play with fire. There's a tonne on us! We have weekly meetings and now have (in our club), over $2000 worth of toys and fire gears!


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