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Flame Fire productions, a Queenstown based fire and dance troupe who i worked with while i was in NZ are putting an a fire show called 'Mahuika's fire' in three venues this month.

the show is really good, i think i would describe it as a dance production with lots of that fiery stuff we adore...

so here are the dates:

this thursday: Wanaka waterfront 9pm

saturday: Queenstown waterfront 9pm

20th, 21st, 22nd Wellington, frank kitts amphitheatre in frank kitts park....

i think each show is between $5 and $15,

a really good thing to see, espescially if you are interested in fire performance


late for rehearsal, so will go away and check dates and put up a bit more info asap.



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bluecatgeek, level 1
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cause i made a coupla mistckes which are now edited and correct in the above version.

R smile

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