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Has anyone every just lost the urge to perform. I've been spinnig for the last 1 1/2 years, and I've gotten everybody in towm to start dancing. Yet as more and more people twirl, I just get worse and worse about dancing. Where before I was spinning for serveral hours straight a night, and learning something new everyweek, now I spin for maybe 15 minutes to 30 min. Do any of you have and suggestions on how to get the drive back.

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Spin for yourself. Get your favorite set of music, and a bunch of fuel and your equipment and go out into a field and do will enjoy yourself, and remember why you least that works for me when I get sick of it..

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Well if you taught alot of people in your town to do it and you see them often, you might be doomed. Usually i stop doing sumthing if it becomes a craze or "the thing to do".

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Similar thing happened to me; I took a break for a month and didnt touch em. Went out last night and had a ball, and learned a bunch of new things too.

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definately dude. I hit that plateu, and there was a stretch of about 2 monhs i didnt practice or even have the urge to at all. Then one day i just had this vision of a new move. So i picked them up and started spinning. The move wasnt feesable but i gt all back into spinning.I think its like that with alot of things. Especially when you have been doing them for a while. Its a small form of burn out. Youll be addicted again in no time, just like the restof us.."S"------------------"When a Man Lies He Murders Some Part of the World These Are the PaleDeaths Which Men Miscall Their Lives All this I Cannot Bear to Witness Any Longer Cannot the Kingdom of Salvation Take Me Home"

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well at least you have your health... i tore a ligament in my shoulder yesterday, so no more spinning for me for a while at all!
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Why don't you try taking up a new toy? meteors are a good thing to do after poi, apparently. + a lot harder...+ there's always stuff like poi with handles instead of straps so you can toss them, and other variations.

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I wouldnt say lost the urge... there is no greater feeling for me then spinning and having an audience,and hearing everyone cheer me on.I guess I just like seeing peoples reactions and praises when I get through spinning.Glowjedi, I feel kinda the same way, Ive been spinning for 9 months and I already tought all the neighborhood little kids how to spin glowsticks because they see me practice so much at night.What keeps me going is knowing that there is new tricks to be learned and new audiences to show,thats just me though...hope that helps some-Erica
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Its not easy being green....

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visiualise yo self having an incredible spinn. not fire. design and create your most inspiring set of poi. then get crafty with it. make that set and set yo self free.this came to me during one of my hiatises and once you start the set you can wait to see them in action. think colors textures length. my most beautiful pair has this incredible natural colored (browns) tail of fluffy flowing feathers. best of luck------------------bring yoself cause you always need it.

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Put them down for a week or to, don't touch them what so ever. Then when you feel like you want ot get back to spin pick them up go to a near by field and spin all by your self. confused ubbidea ubbloco biggrin

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 Written by: babes

Put them down for a week or to, don't touch them what so ever. Then when you feel like you want ot get back to spin pick them up go to a near by field and spin all by your self. confused ubbidea ubbloco biggrin

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I hope you're not still bored of poi!!!

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Necromancy? eek

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 Written by: Jesus H. Christ

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Word from the G man.


I'm sure Christ didn't have a very good view of necroposting though. wink

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Forum Necromancy - How delightfully wickid.

I lost the urge to spin, and didnt pick up poi for months on end, now im determined to get two moves learned - The Reverse 3 Beat Weave (since MintSouce demanded I learn it) and the Butterfly Kick (anoyne got a better name for that one? You do a butterfly, and wrap it around your leg, and pull it up immidiatly before you tangle. It reverses the direction of the Butterfly)

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