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Posted:Like 2 hear what u have 2 say:* DRUGS *- How big/important a role does it play in swinging?


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Posted:Despite the anecdotes I've shared about my dog, I have since trained her not to save me from my Poi. I still don't let her into the yard if I have my Poi lit, but she is now allowed out while I'm practicing. Here are some things that might help you out:1. Play with your dog before you play with your Poi. Play hard. Try to wear her out. This will warm you up, as well as letting her know that you lover her/him.2. Set up a phrase that you use **firmly** when you are done playing and ready to Poi. That way she will understand the difference. This may take a few weeks to sink in. I tell Mama, "Okay, that's enough." And she knows I'm done playing. It's terribly useful in other situations too, as you can imagine, I'm sure.3. Start to Poi. Each time he/she approaches, **stop**, shout "NO!", and then turn your back to your dog to let her know that you are NOT playing a game, and immediately start poiing again. It's very important that you continue to IGNORE her attempts to get attention, or she will begin thinking of making you stop poiing as a game too. Whereas if you are **pointedly** ignoring her as long as she is "misbehaving" she will learn eventually not to interrupt. And if she sits at a polite distance and watches, then by all means praise her and, stop occasionally (while she's being good)to give her a scritch on the ears. It's also good to have an in-between noise, like "you're starting to get too close." For that, I just kind of make an "hu-unh" noise. 4. Play with her again once you've put your Poi away. You'll have a poi-proof dog in no time! (PS- Mama doesn't interfere with my Poi anymore, but she **still** doesn't trust them! She won't take her eyes off me the whole time they're our... Just in case I ever need to be rescued...)



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Posted:Jesse-you have a dog called 'mama'? hahahahasorry - no offence intended. its really one of the funniest names i ever heard for a dog
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drugs: echo Timmy and WildChild - used to drug some but since then (nasty details) i have taken up poi/pole/fire etc. more fun less hangover. also echo hedonistic stuff: i think poison of choice would enhance the personal enjoyment (thats why you do stuff in the first place innit?) but screw up the safety and co-ord so i think it best to spin/twirl clean.WildChild - if you looking for someone to practice with, check the 'meet others' for other pretorians, else mail me and join us at Cresta (once a week.)O_Ops i think this makes me a Senior Member hooray for




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Posted:hello! i thought it may be fun to bump an old thread. and this one gets my vote biggrin

i don't think you need to be on anything to spin. when i have spun under the influence it makes my act dodgey. spinning sober is so fantastic, why would anyone want to ruin that?

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Posted:hmm. what an interesting thought. i have had a spin whilst under the influence many a-time but that doesnt mean to say i need to be wasted to spin. i love having a twirl straight or twisted. biggrin but in saying that i think the most part of my injuries have come about whilst i wasnt at my best if u catch my drift.

i guess, for me, spinning whilst straight is my meditation, my way of relaxing... but spinning whilst wasted is my fun times. does that make sense?

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