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Posted:Ok, I am over the Redneck thing and have moved on from that topic, and today I'll try another flavour!

I was thinking a bit about my performance...I am a staff twirler, although i do not actually perform this, as flyaway staffs burn kids...I also breathe fire, and have a little act in which I Rub, eat and breathe fire...

Now I would consider myself an artist, although I have a lot to learn, but anyway, I can pretty much pull off a 5 minute perfomrance without any yawns.

A few questions.
1) Can anyone let me know of how they do this...I mean just using Breathing and rubbing and eating as a solo act? ...I just rub the flames along my body as much as I can to look as though i am about to combust, stick the flames in my mouth, and try cram as many torches into my mouth as possible at one time, then build up to a massive volcano, with a smaller vareity of breathes.Anyone got any other tips...

2) Next Question...Is it Art/ at what point does it become Art? how do I make it Art??? There is a fine line between party trick and performance art, does anyone have any takes on that...I feel that because I am almost setting myself on fire in a fairly aesthetic way,it is Art, but to someone with a lot of eperience, it may just be another party trickster palming a simple trick off as Art.

I would like to hear from anyone, any advice, tips and tricks that can help me to elevate this Art form, to a point where it is truly unique and not just another party trick! It is pretty impotant to me to do this in a way that it is majorly amazing...

Thanks, have a nice day!

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Posted:People flail around like retarded orangatangs (spelling) and call it contempory dance which they then call an art. So in answer to your question, study retarded orangatangs for a bit and see if you can mimick their movements during your routine, then hey presto you've got an art.

Please note, I have nothing against retarded orangatangs, some of them are my best friends.

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Posted:Now were you be refering to the aminal orangatang or were you refering to human beans?

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Posted:Orang utan

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Posted:Well, Frank Zappa said that putting a "frame" around it and calling it art makes it art. The "frame" can also be a stage/stage area...

To me, if it's you expressing something and someone else perceiving that expression, it's art. Something can be art to one person and noise to another, as witness my hearing of Fugazi (art)and my mother's hearing of Fugazi (noise), or my mother's viewing of Mondrian (art) and my viewing of Mondrian (visual noise)...

This is why two people can do the very same spinning routine and from one person it's art and another it's just craft...

Expression + perception = art

my .02 of a buck...

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Posted:I know the philospophy of artism...what I would like to know is whether anyone has any more practical a new trick or something like that.
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Posted:well as far as new tricks mentioned breathing fire and staff twirling. what i've noticed get's a pretty good reaction is taking a big gulp before you start spinning and shooting a couple fireballs while you are spinning. unless you are already incorporating that into you act.

as far as it being an art any kind of performance in which you express yourself i believe is an art. i think you can safely callyour self an artist. if you don't i will.




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personally, the only art to me is something that makes me feel like i've grown from it.

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