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Hi,I have seen many different types of Poi, glow poi and fire poi. I have a pair of poi from Spain called "Kiwido" I have never seen anyone with the same kind. They are velvet flat bean bags with multi colored streamers about 1.5 metres in length attached to them. They are a pain in the ass to use for certain tricks because of the streamers.. but they look so pretty in the mexican wave, and I usually get a few 'rollers' staring at me during raves.Wondering if anyone has seen these? I also have traditional Poi with short kite material tails on them. Easier to practice with!------------------DTKB :}


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I think I know what you meen, I got a friend who bought some like that from a shop in Lyon, she was really unhappy with them because she was a begginer but they made great noises.:-)ps, I woulod not advise the shop, the most surly keeper I ever met (should have been in paris, and some ridiclious stock)

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Yeah ! I have them too and bought them ine the "white elephant " shop in Madrid
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Well, first you can take the tails off which is good for practice, second they don't hurt cause they are made of soft material (and that is precious for beginners) BUT I must say that tangle all the time which is very annoying!! third... kids just LOVE to watch them and I love to watch kid's shiny eyes ..... having said that, I still must say that I have them but NEVER use them. Just carry them with me so that beginners can try them if they want...Anyway, I suggest you take a look at www.buzzpoi.com they are a lot better quality, that is for sure !!!Europhile, I am sorry to hear what you say cause it looks like you are talking about a shop owned by some friends of mine and am honestly surprised that you did not like them / the shop. Well... that's life Shine onCassandra[This message has been edited by cassandra (edited 03 September 2001).]

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